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The Effect of Radio Frequency on Trees, Animals and the Environment – Part 2: Water and Climate

The Effect of Radio Frequency on Trees, Animals and the Environment Part 2: Water and Climate

The first part of the series was about the harmful effects of radio technology on plants, animals and insects. This article deals with the topic of the effect of mobile communications on the water cycle and its influence on the ecosystem or climate as a whole. This aspect is rarely discussed in public.

Before we delve more into this, let’s take a closer look at the issue of climate change. As with mobile communications, there is a heated, controversial discussion among scientists and critics about global warming caused by CO2. For opponents of the CO2 theory, other factors, such as cosmic cycles or mobile communications, play a role.

The myth of climate change and global warming

We can all feel it. The weather is getting more and more extreme. One heat wave after another,  the headlines full of never-ending forest fires, floods, volcanic eruptions and increasingly violent hurricanes … Countless scientists have been expressing concerns for many years, warning us about the unmanageable and momentous developments of climate change. Since the beginning of the 1970s, with the publication of the Club of Rome’s book “The Limits to Growth”, politicians have also taken up the topic in recurring climate conferences, encouraging prudence or discussing solutions to global warming and its expected catastrophic effects.

Since then, every degree counts for us or the goal is defined to keep the temperature at 1.5 ° C so that catastrophic conditions and the dreaded tipping elements of nature can (still) be avoided.

This would trigger a chain reaction of huge negative effects, starting with the flooding of huge inhabited coastal areas, through to the demise of the social systems by billions of refugees. This must be prevented.

The fear of the impending end of the world and the search for the causes

While sea levels are rising and island states are already struggling to survive, fertile soils are being lost due to overuse, heat waves or even industrial agriculture with its endless monocultures (soil erosion), and the deserts are expanding by 70,000 km² every year.

At the same time, we see huge glaciers melting and huge icebergs breaking off, which could supply South Africa with drinking water for a whole year. At the same time, the permafrost thaws and pipelines break, causing oil disasters. Craters 100 m deep and 1 km long are formed in the formerly solid permafrost soil as a result of collapsing earth, which grows by around 10−30 m annually. What we get on breakfast television is, for instance, a story about the Batagaika crater in Siberia “smeared on bread”.

Who is to blame for climate change?

For all of this, two guilty parties were sought, or at least found in public discourse;

  1. humans with their growing consumption of fossil fuels such as oil, gas or coal, and;
  2. a substance that plants and life as a whole actually need for their growth: CO2

And this is where the scientific argument becomes quite adventurous. A growing number of scholars, taking into account various scientific findings, do not come to the conclusion that CO2 is solely to blame for global warming. Or at least not to the extent that one finds it everywhere in human thought – including at climate conferences.

The birth of the greenhouse theory

It all started quite harmlessly. Until the end of the 1960s / beginning of the 1970s, CO2 (carbon dioxide) was not regarded as a colossal threat to all life, as it is today, but rather as a welcome, life-promoting element.

  • The French physicist Jean-Baptiste-Joseph de Fourier founded the greenhouse theory around 1800.
  • It was developed further by his compatriot, the physicist Claude Pouilliet, and the Irishman John Tyndall;
  • as well as the Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius, who adopted this theory in 1896 and wrote in his book “The Becoming of the Worlds” in 1907:

“The rise in CO2 will allow future people to live under warmer skies.”

Contrary to today’s world of thoughts about the increase in CO2, which is strongly influenced by fear in society, Arrhenius and many colleagues of his time saw a doubling of the increase in CO2 and a rise in temperatures of 4 ° C as no danger, but rather the solution to the world food problem and protection against new ice ages.

CO2 as a climate killer?

In the 1970s, however, a completely different view began to spread. Namely, that fossil fuels and, above all, CO2 emissions and thus the global economy that is still based on them today pose a deadly threat to the climate that must be averted by all means (including bans or new laws).

Scientists contradict the CO2 theory

The CO2 theory, however, is vehemently disputed as the sole cause of the so-called greenhouse effect, even among well-known climatologists and scientists, similar to mobile communications. So writes Professor Dr.-Ing. Bert Küppers in his Raum & Zeit article in 2005 “No life without CO2 – Carbon dioxide in the global cycle”:

“The CO2 cycle is so powerful that humans have so far not been able to disturb it.”

He also notes: “No life without CO2”.

The balancing character of nature

Professor Küppers and other scholars point out that nature has a natural regulatory principle to deal with the increased CO2 content in the atmosphere (such as an average of approx. 600 Gt CO2 per year from crevices and volcanoes and approx. 30 Gt CO2 in the year caused by humans) to cope.

According to scientific findings, as the CO2 content in the atmosphere increases, so do the sinks of the planet, such as plant or animal calcareous limescale, which then begin to store the increased CO2. Which goes down again when the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere decreases.

But these measurable and scientifically verifiable aspects are completely ignored in the increasingly heated climate debate about CO2.

Greenhouse gases and CO2 for colonization on Mars?

At this point it might be wise to remember the plans of science to colonize Mars, which I mentioned briefly in another article. CO2 plays an important role in the formation of forests on Mars. In other words, scientists can very well imagine applying greenhouse gases there in order to stimulate plant growth and thus also promote oxygen production and thus to create the conditions for human life.

In plain English:

Space pioneers emit greenhouse gases like CO2 en masse on Mars to promote plant growth and oxygen production for us, breathing beings, even though greenhouse gases are said to be very harmful to us.

The worldwide growing criticism of the CO2 greenhouse gas theory

Prof. Küppers is not alone with his criticism of the greenhouse gas model: A growing number of serious researchers currently see the political one-sided thinking and commitment against CO2 emissions since the publication of the Club of Rome “The Limits to Growth” as scientifically unsustainable. because it completely contradicts their findings and measurements.

Criticism of the CO2 climate model since the beginning

One of the first critics was the well-known atmospheric researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor Richard Lindzen. He pointed at the panic announcements of the International Panel on Climate Charge (IPCC), founded in 1988. He was their lead author and wrote the seventh chapter of the third assessment report for the IPCC himself. And he made it clear in the Wall Street Journal on June 11, 2001 that there was indeed no consensus, unanimously or otherwise, about long-term climatic trends or what they are causing.

The hastily and hastily published “Summary of the Assessment Report”, to which the ICCP and politicians refer to this day, is also incomplete. Important statements are missing. For instance, that 20 years is not enough to estimate long-term climatic trends. Other important facts were simply left out. This hastily written, incomplete summary was a decision-making basis for global, incisive measures.

Scientific measurements against the greenhouse gas theory

It gets even stranger when renowned experts and scientists also use measurements to back up their controversial, critical counter-arguments and research results against the CO2 greenhouse effect. They have been presenting those for some time at opposing climate conferences, to which the press and media have been invited. They, however, are not spoken about, as if you didn’t want to hear this evidence.

For instance, Prof. em. Dr. Friedrich-Karl Ewert as early as 2011 shared a lecture titled “Worldwide long-term thermometer data mostly show no warming”. At such a congress that there was no warming as the extent propagated by so-called greenhouse gases. The congress on DVD: The short legs of the climate lie.

The current situation

Some scientists even expect a small ice age to come, caused by the thawing of the glaciers and the cooling of parts of the Gulf Stream, while the Potsdam Climate Institute (PIK) continues to support the warming theory.

Other researchers assume that a cooling will be balanced out with a simultaneous warming.

Ultimately, all these contradicting statements show us that the MIT professor, Richard Lindzen, was probably right and that 20 years of research are not enough to make long-term, reliable predictions.

Scientists petitions against the CO2 guilty verdict

At the moment, more and more scientists are opposing global warming caused by CO2. Just recently, around 2019, an international petition against the CO2 debate by 31,000 scientists / signatories around the world was published online to acquit it as the “sole culprit” for climate change, which was also passed around in Germany.

Not interested in opposing perspectives?

Obviously, there is a large group of people, including serious scientists and experts, who think differently, but none of them are taken seriously. Regardless of this, politicians continue to call for ever stricter measures against carbon dioxide emissions. They are planning drastic measures, especially against motorists, while, at the same time, presidents like Donald Trump are canceling climate agreements because they see no point in the discussion about warming due to increased CO2 emissions. Russian President Putin has publicly said that he blames more cosmic cycles. Those can only be heard in alternative media and are marked as conspirators.

Who is to blame for climate change?

Of course, with all the statements and counter-statements, the question arises as to who or what is really responsible for climate change on earth. Or why, for instance, methane, a much stronger, more dangerous and even highly flammable climate killer leaks out en masse from the permafrost ground (Alaska, Siberia …).

There is a danger that these highly flammable (methane) gases will collect in the atmosphere and that, at some point, an airplane might fly into a concentrated methane cloud and possibly cause a “burning sky”.

In the public eye, however, this is out of sight and out of mind. At the same time, we cannot, do not want or should not forget the CO2, which is bound by plants and seas, day and night.

Does CO2 heat up the climate?

CO2 critics also point out that with the so-called greenhouse effect, in which, similar to a greenhouse,the warmer air rises upwards and has to multiply and collect up there. However, this does not happen because the earth is not a closed glass house, but an open system. It means that, according to thermodynamic laws, the rising CO2 is balanced out, i.e. it cools down again. This has even been proven by measurements that confirm that it does not get warmer further up in our sky and that no warmer, but colder layers of air have been found in the upper atmosphere and stratosphere.

The CO2 critics see three causes for the warming of the lower layers: (Detlef Scholz, graduate physicist; “The CO2-Bluff”, Raum & Zeit, 3rd year 2010 No. 5. p. 9)

Gravitation, pressure and mass generate frictional heat

  1. Atmospheric pressure (the higher the pressure, the greater the density, the more friction) which goes up to zero (weightlessness) and is around 1 bar on the ground.
  2. Total mass of the atmosphere, which varies somewhat depending on the amount of energy.
  3. Gravitation, which is responsible for the specific pressure conditions of the atmosphere.

Cosmic Cycles

Other scientists or politicians, such as Russia’s President Putin, blame cosmic cycles for global warming, which humans cannot influence through new emissions laws.

From a scientific point of view, such cycles of great earth changes with ice ages warm ages and ice melts including large mass extinctions have therefore occurred more often and are relatively “normal”, even if they take place over very long periods of time.

According to the critics, to us who are currently in such a warmer cycle with more cosmic energy, these events only seem so dramatic because we can document the breaking of the glaciers live with the camera.

The earth or our universe goes through expansion cycles, similar to our seasons, in which temperatures and amounts of energy change, and more cosmic energy or radiation comes to earth. Species adapt / change to these changed circumstances (also genetically) and, if they fail to do so, become extinct.

Spontaneous mutation

In the case of large solar flares, for example, internationally recognized scientists such as Dieter Broers expect not only total power failures but also genetic changes, even spontaneous genetic mutations, since our cells and all life are adapted to the solar cycles. Which in turn will advance evolution. Documentary suggestion: Dieter Broers: Revolution 2012, humanity before an evolutionary leap.

Volcanism under the glaciers

Another point that is much too little discussed publicly is that numerous active volcanoes have been discovered under the ice caps, which, so to speak, cause the ice to melt or break from below.

Unfortunately, this is not included enough by the former Vice President of the USA and environmental activist, Al Gore, highly valued by many people.

The influence of humans on the climate

Without a doubt, humans also influence the climate, the earth or even mass extinction. With ever better technology such as radar and large fishing fleets, our oceans will soon be fished empty. (Documentary suggestion: The inconvenient truth about our oceans, Tiberius film.)

Pesticides and fungicides or even the expansion of mobile communications lead to a sharp decrease in the insect mass, as I already described in part 1 of this “nature series”  based on the scientific studies.

We can even identify several human triggers, in addition to natural processes, such as cosmic cycles or volcanism and meteorite impacts, etc., in global warming.

Some of them are debated about, other ones, like mobile communications, are hardly considered or are simply left out of the public discourse. However, these aspects are just as important if we want to get a comprehensive picture. That is what I will briefly address here.

1. The burning of fossil fuels

Whether it is in a thermal power station, in industrial plants, cars and petrol-powered vehicles or devices: Combustion creates heat and heat heats up. This also releases toxic substances, vapors or soot particles, which, when applied in large numbers, can darken the sky. We see it in large metropolises today as smog clouds that no longer let the sunlight through. This, in turn, causes more people to die than from smoking.

Since this has already been adequately reported, I would like to leave the topic of “fossil fuels” with the note that this will probably still be around for some time, as too much power, control and economic growth are built on it.

Or large economies and oil corporations, despite the ongoing discussion about phasing out CO2, are currently sending drilling ships to the ice-free areas in order to secure oil for the future, which is currently still an indispensable raw material.

2. Global warming through nuclear power

Another little known point is the release of heat from nuclear energy. We all know that nuclear energy radiates and thus generates heat. That is why nuclear reactors also have to be cooled in order to generate “supposedly clean” electricity or, as in Chernobyl or most recently in Fukushima, a catastrophe occurs.

Either river or sea water is used to cool the heating elements, which is finally warmed up by an ingenious circuit and released back into the rivers and seas, or released into the atmosphere through cooling towers. What is viewed critically as heated steam or waste heat then also heats the air.

Nuclear waste in intermediate or final storage sites

We want to disregard the radioactive nuclear waste that has been stored for thousands of years as waste in the bowels of the earth, for which the power plant operators do not see themselves as responsible, since the final storage costs are charged to the taxpayer.

In an article by the Schönau Electricity Works (EWS) that is critical of nuclear power, it says about the warming by nuclear power plants (nuclear power plants):

“Nuclear power plants are energy wasters – with their wastewater, which is up to 33 degrees Celsius, they mainly heat rivers. That takes the fish twice as breathless. First, warm river water carries less oxygen than cooler water. Second, more plants and small animals die in warm water, the biomass of which consumes more oxygen when they rot. The fish then miss it. “

And a statement by the operator counters that this is not true, but that most nuclear power plants in Germany release the waste heat into the environment as water vapor via unsightly-looking cooling towers.

How much waste heat is actually generated by nuclear power plants?

This discussion and examples show us – no matter who is right or not – two facts:

  • Firstly, that waste heat has been released into the air via the cooling towers for decades
  • or secondly, is released directly to rivers and oceans. Depending on how the nuclear power plants are constructed or where the locations are located.

Rationally, cool calculations would now have to be used to clarify to what extent the global warming is caused by CO2-causing baby diapers, methane-causing cattle gas or by 442 active nuclear power plants worldwide. Or may be by many nuclear power plants that have already been shut down. What has been or is still being released after 24 hours a day at an average of approx . 21 years of possible continuous operation? An EU research project in 2010 also found out whether nuclear power plants could also run for 80 years.

Global warming from atomic bomb tests

While we would surely come to a clear but still quite “mild result” after such calculations, thousands of underground, aboveground or even a few atmospheric atom bomb tests would certainly be a horror scenario for any cool calculating mind. In this case, energies were and will be released into the earth or even the atmosphere, which are unimaginably large and can even melt stones or allow mountains to evaporate.

Over 2,100 atom bomb tests since 1945

Well, in fact, since the invention and the dropping of the first atomic bombs around 1945, we have carried out around 2,100 atomic bomb tests and thus released unimaginable energies into the atmosphere, which, despite the fear of too much CO2 emissions, were all somehow forgotten when counting.

It seems as if the military will remain inviolable in the media, scientifically and politically at the current climate congress in Glasgowhttps://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/europa/glasgow-klimakonferenz-cop26-101.html, which is well represented in the media, and can therefore continue as before in the future. Without us counting or mentioning these amounts of energy on the subject of global warming.

Which is why some critics of the CO2 thesis speak of “nuclear climate change” and are consequently dubbed conspiracy theorists.

3. Global warming from microwaves, radar and cellular communications

Technical microwaves, as I already shown in the first part, generate frictional heat through constant polarity reversal. This is why we are now going to review the effects of mobile communications, radar or microwaves as a whole. It seems that with the erection of the first radio towers and experiments, the weather began to act more crazy.

Could they be connected? On closer inspection, the answer to this is very likely to be a “yes”.

A water glass in the microwave

A simple experiment gives us the first hint:

If we put a glass filled with water in the microwave and switch it on, there is a high probability that the water in it will start to boil. Later, if left on, it will start to evaporate because of the generated heat.

The domestic microwave works with about 2.5 GHz power, with a frequency similar to that used by modern cell phone masts, radar systems, air traffic or the military. With radar or radio masts, however, nothing at all is shielded compared to the domestic microwave.

Water – elixir of life with many faces

But before we continue, let’s take a closer look at water as an element. Water is enormously important for life on earth and occurs everywhere: above ground, underground, in the atmosphere or even in our body, which consists of 60-75% water.

It is used by life processes for different purposes (nutrient and waste transport, cell communication, as an electrical conductor, etc.) and can even assume different states:

  • solid (ice)
  • liquid (water)
  • gaseous (air)
  • and as bubble wall water that arises in clouds, but does not rain down due to its lightness.

Water as a medium for energy and information

Water, and especially bubble wall water, is very susceptible to electromagnetic waves of any kind. It picks them up and even transports them to the upper atmosphere and ionosphere. In the upper atmospheric layers, in turn, there are large water cycles and wind patterns called jet streams that influence the weather equilibrium in the atmosphere.

Whether it gets warm or cold, hot or wet, depends on the atmospheric currents, which in turn are influenced by electrical charge particles.

Rivers in the air

Anyone who thinks that there are only rivers on earth or underground is mistaken, because there are also great water flows in our atmosphere. Reginald E. Newell of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered huge water vapor flows in the atmosphere as early as the 1990s, which are more powerful than any river on earth and form a main system that transports water (masses) from the equatorial regions to the poles . (Kathie Sawyer: Climatology: Space Data Indicate Rivers in the Sky, The Washington Post, Science Notebook, Jan. 15, 1993 / found in: Zeitenschrift No. 51 / 3rd Quarter 2006, Sophia Iten: Mobilfunktürme Heizen Erdklima auf, p. 33)

Streams of water of enormous proportions

At an altitude of 3,200 m there are atmospheric water flows 700 to 800 km wide and 8,200 km long with speeds of 165,000 t of water per second. The largest rivers on earth, such as the Nile (6,650 km in length), the Amazon (6,400 km in length) and the Mississippi (6,051 km in length) even seem a little too short compared to the magnitude of flows about 3 km above our heads.

How microwaves affect water

If you bombard water with microwaves from below, you could influence these water masses and thereby influence the climate. What we are already beginning to see in the small “laboratory experiment” in the microwave, as the electrical charge particles in the microwaves bring the water in the glass to a boil or even allow it to evaporate. But what exactly is happening here?

Water molecules and hydrogen bonds

If we look at a water molecule (H2O), it consists of a negatively charged oxygen and two positively charged hydrogen atoms and its physical state would be gaseous.

Only when many of these individual water molecules are chained together does it become heavier and visible to us as a wonderful, refreshing elixir of life, drops, rain, streams, rivers or oceans. This chaining of individual molecules to one another is also referred to as a hydrogen bridge bond or cluster connection of the water molecules. It is ultimately based on the attraction of the positively and negatively charged atoms.

Mobile communications destroy the hydrogen bridge bond

Mobile radio messes up these natural magnetic connections of the chained molecules through its unnatural friction generating frequencies and constant polarity reversal and breaks the hydrogen bond again. What we see in the microwave when the water evaporates.

Microwaves change the dipole character of water

The plus and minus poles of the oxygen and hydrogen form the so-called dipole character of water like a bar magnet. It gives the water a refreshing or invigorating or rather pale effect. Depending on how the water is energized or lost energy might not taste good because this energetic charge of the water has been lost.

Microwaves have an unnatural effect on this dipole character and confuse it. This means that the water actually takes on a different structure and loses its energizing properties, which can be photographed under the dark field microscope.

Fig: Dark field microscope photograph of microwave-irradiated and boiled water; Image source: https://www.naturalscience.org/de/news/2021/04/lebenselixier-wasser-bedroht-durch-strahl/#:~:text=Taktlich%20deuten%20vornahmige%20Erverbindungen%20aus, approximately%2015% 20 percent% 20reduced% 2020)


“Electromagnetic waves, especially microwave radiation (the frequency range that is used for mobile communications) make this“ bar magnet ”, i.e. the water dipole, rotate. Because if such an electromagnetic wave runs over the dipole, its minus or plus pole is always realigned according to the electromagnetic wave. “

Video tip Youtube: Water, the elixir of life: Threatened by radiation? May 6th, 2021 (17 min)

Cell phone towers as atmosphere heaters

But that’s not all: In part one of this series, we have already dealt with the cooling properties of natural (sferics) and heating properties of artificial fields (technics). The latter generates frictional heat that we use specifically in the microwave to warm up food and beverages.

This also upsets the molecular structure of food and makes it unusable for the body.

The thermal effect of smartphones and cell phones, which are actually microwaves in small format and can heat brain tissue or cause damage to the brain of those who use calling a lot.

Do mobile communications cause drought?

Mobile radio transmits 24 hours a day without interruption, causing constant frictional heat in the atmosphere and heating the air in the irradiated areas. In turn, warmer layers of air – as we know from the greenhouse gas theory – absorb more moisture and can therefore also dry out the soil.

The larger water masses in the atmosphere also become electrically charged and cause increased charge of water molecules in the atmosphere. This influences the wind patterns (jet streams). Depending on where the jet streams the electrically charged water, they can then increasingly discharge as storms, thunderstorms or precipitation.

The globally increasing radiation cocktail and its influence on water

Now let’s imagine the impact of the frictional heat on the water in the atmosphere or on nature as a whole, when released by billions of cell phones, smartphones, DECT telephones, smart meters, WiFi routers, microwaves as well as radio or cell phone towers or radar systems.

How many glasses of water are slowly but steadily brought to the boil? Physics always follows the same rules.

HAARP & weather control

The military makes use of this physical (heating) effect that affects the weather for their “toys. A large antenna system such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) uses high frequencies (3.6 MW and more) that affect jet streams, ionosphere or water masses in the atmosphere.

According to alternative Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rosalie Bertell, who researched this for 60 years, Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund, owner of numerous US patents for the HAARP facility and president of a technology company in Houston, Texas, describes this in his patents:

Quote from Dr. Rosalie Bertell:

“The patents of Dr. Eastlund also describe “the change in winds in the upper atmosphere – so that positive environmental effects can be achieved … for example, the concentrations of ozone, nitrogen and other gases in the atmosphere could be artificially increased.” In theory, “HAARP” could generate rainfall in drought-affected areas, reduce rainfall during floods, and divert tropical cyclones, tornadoes and monsoons from populated areas. “

(Dr. Rosalie Bertell “War weapon Planet Earth, J.K.-Fischer Verlag 2013. P. 278)

Myth & Reality of Weather Manipulation

With this research generally kept under wraps, HAARP has become a myth for weather control and manipulation. According to Bertell, the inventor Eastlund is said to have demonstrated that this technology can also be used in practice in 1994 using an artificially generated storm that flooded parts of Georgia, Alabama and Florida. As a result, a strong public interest in these possibilities arose. The military then withdrew with the public reporting and camouflaged this, the population unsettling technology and patents (* see note) as a device for “atmospheric research”. Which I also report on in my book “5G Cellular Networks” on page 174.

(* Note: According to Bertell’s statements, the ARCO company filed a patent application for this on August 11, 1987 under the number 4,686,605 which was granted by the APTI company.)

Police microwave cannons

An article in a magazine issue from 2007 also reports that “annoying” demonstrators can also be “driven away” with invisible microwaves, (42 Frank Robert Belewsky: Let technical microwaves evaporate? Journal No. 54 / 2nd quarter 2007 , P. 9). It states:

“It has been officially in use with the US Army since January 2007: the new microwave cannon, only to deter demonstrations, is officially made to believe us. The protesters are literally brought to a boil. What is happening? The hydrogen bonds of the molecules in the body of the victim are broken when bombarded with high-frequency radiation, the molecules evaporate because water is gaseous without a bond. So they expand three thousand times. This is called sublimation. Enormous warmth is released with all imaginable consequences, such as a disorientation of the nerves, spontaneous blindness due to loss of the intraocular pressure regulated by water and many other effects. “

Small and large military experiments with microwaves

We see that the military is very aware of the effects of microwaves on hydrogen bonds through its intensive research and has been using this technology on a small scale (with demonstrators) or on a large scale for many years. What Dr. Rosalie Bertell describes in detail in her book “War Weapon Planet Earth“, which is well worth reading, also on the basis of many other experiments.

According to their statements, this goes so far that an unofficial agreement was reached with Russia to melt the poles using this technology:


“In 1974, the United States and the Soviet Union agreed in the Treaty of Vladivostok to melt the Arctic Ice Cap. It was not a ratified binational treaty, so those who were later alerted of the rapid melting of the Arctic ice and the resulting dangerous situation of the polar bears had no access to it. For the public, the melting of the northern polar cap became a strong and ominous sign of climate change. “

(Dr. Rosalie Bertell: Kriegswaffe Planet Erde, J.K.-Fischer Verlag, 2nd edition 07/2013 p. 227)

Harmonious desert greening by influencing the weather

The military could of course also take another route and bring rain to Ethiopia or nice weather to floodplains with its “atmosphere heaters”, as Eastlunnd describes in connection with his HAARP patent. However, as the decades have shown us, the military is not concerned with the idea of ​​welfare, but with military advantage and intimidating or destroying the enemy.

The miracle in the Algerian desert

Anyone who is afraid of all the power demonstrations and experiments by the military, which even led to a ban on tectonic or weather-influencing weapon systems (e.g. the ENMOD agreement of October 5, 1978), will find the Algerian inventor ” Madjid Abdellaziz ”and his weather healing. What he uses, as he calls it, to practice acupuncture in the sky. Or, to put it another way, it actually lets it rain and green deserts, thereby stopping the exodus of his compatriots.

Wilhelm Reich and Nikola Tesla’s ideas rediscovered

Abdellaziz says he borrowed the ideas for these technologies from Wilhelm Reich (1897−1957) and Nikola Tesla (1856−1943). And today, he invites you to look at the miracle he “created” in Algeria’s desert or to participate in his great vision of a world without expanding deserts.

Those interested can find out more about the current status on his website. It shows us that mankind could also go another harmonious path with technology in the future.

The future in our hands

Human at the crossroads

In a nutshell, we can take one of two paths:

  1. That of reason, of the heart, and that of harmonious technologies, such as re-modulation of the current technology on Sferics, explained in the first part of this series or the weather healing rediscovered by Abdellaziz.
  2. That of ignorance and excessive greed, which even after conquering an entire solar system still does not find peace.

According to my extensive experience and research, both paths are being followed by scientists, researchers and even ordinary people around the world. On one hand there are great ideas and visions being born or have already been implemented. On the other hand, an almost rampant striving for power and one-sided prosperity across the globe, often very harmful and even hostile to life. We can see this very clearly when looking at pollution, overexploitation, overfishing of the seas, world hunger despite overproduction in industrialized countries, etc.

The path of excessive greed / one-sided progress

If we take the path of irrationality and technical progress over every moral limit through radiation or technologies that do not conform to nature, we will have a hard time surviving in the future.

Bee colonies can no longer find their way home in radio-contaminated areas and the brood and queen starve to death,  trees near radio masts die off and are felled by human hands in favor of radio technology.

More harm than good?

If we use this unnatural technology to network the whole planet down to every radio-free zone, not only will the physical complaints (Electrosensitivity) increase, but perhaps lead to that like Ulrich Weiner, an extremely electrosensitive person. We might be no longer able to go on in everyday life without protective clothing.

Escaping into space or heading to Mars would only shift the problem there, since we take everything we are (not only technologically but also internally) wherever we go.

Technology above all?

So if we put technical progress above everything, human life as we know it today will come to an end. A world that is only geared towards better technology will rather produce and use radio-networked robot bees, drones or machine arms as “Plan B”. Meanwhile, we cheer to his “progress”, while real bee colonies suffer from the radio radiation and – as we saw in Part 1 of this series – will become more extinct.

Increased social pressure

There will also be competition from those who strive to keep up with the machines. It will be expressed as an increased stress, pressure or fear of failure of the machines. This in turn will lead to human ingenuity. Elon Musk has already presented this idea with his microchip for the brain, with which it will be possible to simply upload data (languages ​​etc.) without having to learn “old-fashioned” vocabulary. (Elon Musk: Brain implants: (1.29 min) 07/17/2019)

But if we as a society do not put a stop to the “real stress” and do not eliminate the causes of these problems, the “problem” with artificial, artificially renewable or nanoparticle replacement parts will not be able to replace the true attitude to life of a healthy, vital body.

On the contrary, the human will become more and more of a machine, which in turn will correspond to their highest ideal. The human in a technocratic world will worship technology as the new God, instead of following the naturalness of life, in which they are able to stop or even reverse the aging process using their own mental strength. Nobel Prize winners like Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Blackburn begins to understand this today. (Book recommendation: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Blackburn; Deciphering Aging – The Telomere Effect)

The soulless super mind

I call the one-sided pursuit of technological progress and AI (artificial intelligence), without first tapping into the full potential of the human brain or into healing the human emotional problems a soulless super mind.

It’s a highly intellectual mind and later on an artificial intelligence capable of building super technology, atomic bombs or AI-controlled weapon systems and space ships, but is incapable of dealing with the internal problems of the world (e.g. hunger through fair distribution of overproduction, etc.).

The goal of a technocratic world – bringing the artificial to life, “improving” the natural

A mind that produces more food through technology such as robots, for instance, but it still does not distribute it fairly, does not develop any further on an emotional level and will even fight for this “progress”. The highest form of this war would then be the use of emotionless weapon systems and machines that destroy all life that stands in their way, instead of resolving conflicts peacefully Ghandi peacefully.

AI developers and Nobel Prize winners warn

Since more money is already flowing into AI-controlled weapon systems than we are investing in peaceful AI developments, more scientists, including AI developers such as Max Tegmark, physics professor at MIT, member of the American Physical Society and scientific director of the Foundational Questions Institute or Nobel Prize winners like Stephen Hawking,comment on this development.

Tegmark writes in his book “Life 3.0 – Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” (Ullstein-Verlag 2017) that we now have different paths ahead of us:

  1. A wide range of AI developments can occur over the next 1,000 years, causing an intelligence explosion.
  2. Superintelligence (AI) could coexist peacefully with us and support us or even lead to individual countries or groups gaining supremacy.
  3. If there was an intelligent human-like AI and it were under the control of a few, they could rule the world with it.
  4. If humans couldn’t get AI under their control, superintelligence could take control and humanity could be replaced (or become extinct) by AI.
  5. Superintelligence could enable coordination on ever larger cosmic scales, for both the best and the worst of scenarios.

Max Tegmark’s book is well worth reading.


In summary, Nobel Laureate Stephen Hawkin summed up this development as follows:


“After we invented fire, we did a couple of stupid things. And then invented the fire extinguisher. With powerful technologies like nuclear weapons, synthetic biology, and sophisticated artificial intelligence, we should think ahead and try hard to get it right the first time. Because we may only have this one chance. Our future is a race between the growing power of our technology and the wisdom with which we use it. We should make sure that wisdom wins. “

(Online article from October 16, 2018)

2. The path of wisdom, reason and empathy

In addition to the great dangers to all life, people and society, there are also many positive developments pointing in a completely different direction.

Millions of private working groups are currently researching new, harmonious technologies, or an increasing number of people want to live in a more ecologically sustainable way. (DVD congress recommendation: Energy projects for a new world)

The so-called bio-boom is one of the largest growth markets and thus reflects this sustainable approach. Somewhere in many people the wish or the vision seems born that less and more natural technology can also mean a better quality of life. Which is why they – despite a good education or high income – even opt for a life as dropouts. (Book recommendation: Eric Valli: Life in the wilderness – encounters with dropouts)

The spiritual awakening of science

One of the greatest positive developments that I came across is an increasingly emerging spiritual awakening of science.

Dealing with new findings from biology, genetics, epigenetics, human or brain research,

holistic medicine etc. seems to create bridges to levels that were previously classified as spiritual or religious.

Quantum physicists are no longer just starting to think three-dimensionally, but twelve-dimensionally, and entering quantum spaces or levels that are no longer tangible, but (in some cases still) measurable. They find uniform fields and gain experiences and insights that will change your life forever, as they discover a greater unity, a greater intelligence behind everything.

(Book recommendation: Gabi Müller: Viva Vortex – Everything is alive)

Social changes

When science becomes more spiritual in a scientific world, it has a major impact on society. In turn, the many books, seminars, lectures, etc., have an impact on hundreds of millions of readers and participants worldwide. They then begin to deal with these larger thoughts that influence your everyday life.

Also, greater unity in thinking or understanding life will result in greater ethics being born, meaning more love, compassion and understanding for creation.

The gift of freedom of choice

Everyday, we have the choice to decide whether we want to be part of something bigger or continue to be part of something destructive.

Our daily striving and inner longing shows us where we are as individuals and as a whole.

History also shows us that bigger thoughts always inspired the smaller ones to change. This is why I ask  myself: What happens to a world in which millions of people worldwide (without AI) are already beginning to think bigger thoughts?


Maik Lindner



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