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Frequently asked questions.

Effect questions

Waveguard devices are a scientifically backed solution to protect against EMF, 5g and WLAN and provide overall well-being. Learn more about the mode of action here.

We test the effectiveness of our devices by measuring the field strengths. For this we need professional measuring equipment and a radiation-free room. You can send in your device. We test it for you. All equipment we ship is in perfect working condition.

We believe, based on the studies from Dartsch and Bion Institute, that Qi technology can protect you from radiation from WLAN or cell phone as well as other electrosmog. Our devices do not reduce the power of the emitted radiation, but can protect people from the health effects of electrosmog. This is indicated by our biological studies. Consequently, there is no interference with reception.

There are two different ways to approach the issue:

On the one hand, there are the test possibilities to prove the effect of the Qi-Home Cell. However, for this you need special technical equipment. Unfortunately, this is not fully accessible to laypersons. This can also be checked by us.

The "feel" of the devices is much more difficult to answer. Every body functions and works in its own way. Thus, the effects of the Qi Home Cell and Qi technology are also felt differently by everyone. Some people feel the effect of the device quickly and intensely. The experience of people who are not very sensitive is more restrained at the first moment. These customers only showed an improvement in, for example, sleep and recovery empfindence after using the product for 20 to 30 days. It is important to understand that there is no magic formula for the body's response to qi technology. Every person is individual. We love this diversity. Experience by checking the devices of customers who do not "feel" anything, showed that the devices work in 99.99 percent of cases. It is the customer's own responsibility to ensure that expectations are not too high. Our products are in perfect and working condition when shipped.

On the other hand, we advise you to do the following: Give the device, and especially yourself, time to get to know the technology. Many people have forgotten to listen to their body: When we are tired, we drink coffee instead of sleeping. When we have a headache, we take pills instead of getting rest, fresh air and water. As a result, people as young as 40 suffer heart attacks, strokes or burnout today. Thus, the body may not directly perceive the sensitive effects of our Qi technology. As a way of comparing your own body condition before and during the use of the Qi-Home Cell, you can have your blood values checked by your family doctor. A blood draw before and one after approximately 20 to 30 days of use is recommended. Pay particular attention to the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) level.

If you have a Qi device, you can still make calls and use WLAN. We believe that our biological studies, e.g. from the Bion and Dartsch Institute, indicate that the body no longer perceives this radiation as harmful.

The complete construction of the field of action usually takes 12 hours with the Qi-Home Cell. The Qi-Max requires 24 hours. Qi-Shield as well as Qi-Mobile only need about 1 minute.

No, we are not aware of any interactions.

Qi-Home Cell is a further development of Qi-Home. The crucial difference is the 5G optimization. Furthermore, the Qi-Home Cell has an additional energy field. By touching the copper ring, the device can deliver noticeably more energy.

Questions about the use of the devices

Our technology works without electricity. Simply place in a central location or carry your mobile device close to your body. Learn more about using our EMF protection products here.

No, but it should also be free-standing in the cabinet, not touching other objects and not covered with objects. You should also make sure to keep a distance of 50 cm from power sources and terminal equipment.

We recommend that you place the Qi device as centrally as possible. Thus, you cover the whole house or apartment with the field of action. When doing so, make sure that you place the device at least 50 centimeters away from all electrical end devices and sockets. Because only in this way is the complete construction of the field of action possible. The Qi device should also have 30 centimeters of space above the ceiling or furniture.

No. The object may cause the energy field not to build up evenly, which means that the full effect is not available.

Wear the Qi mobile and the Qi shield as close to your body as possible. For this purpose, the backpack, jacket pocket or the center console of the car is particularly well suited. You do not need to do anything else. The product works independently and at any time. In the respective field of action of your Qi device, both you and all other living beings can be protected from the consequences of electromagnetic radiation. This is what our studies show.

You can take the device with you anywhere. However, in the case of an MRI, it should be avoided. The top plate is made of stainless steel alloyed with gold. This is attracted in the MRI, which disturbs the image. In the X-ray booth, on the other hand, the Qi mobile works without any problems.

The Qi Home Cell works best when it is continuously in one place and you do not move it. As soon as you lift the Qi-Home Cell and carry it to another room, the energy field is disturbed and collapses. It then takes a while again, depending on the strength of the movement, until the energy field is completely built up. This may take a few hours.

Up to a wall thickness of 40 centimeters, the energy field is not weakened.

From experience, you can get through airport security checkpoints with the Qi-Shield, Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Mobile without any problems. Please note that each country has its own regulations. Find out about these regulations before you leave. Screening at the security checkpoint does not cause any damage to our equipment. There is usually a heated flat compartment in most aircraft. Please inform yourself about these conditions before your flight. If the cargo hold is not heated, the temperatures there may be too low and the equipment may be damaged.

It is possible that skin contact with the copper ring/sleeve may cause discoloration. However, these do not affect the functionality of the product. Therefore, there is no reason to replace the device. For new equipment (2020 production), we use a varnish to prevent this discoloration. Nevertheless, these natural reactions of copper with moisture over time can not be excluded.

Questions about the store, conditions & shipping

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