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How can I protect myself from electrosmog?

How can I protect myself from electrosmog?

We should all be mindful to reduce our exposure to EMF radiation wherever possible and look for solutions that maintain and increase our health resilience. Therefore, it is crucial to know the main sources of electrosmog and how to reduce them. In the following, we will provide you with valuable tips that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Sources of electrosmog


WLAN (wireless networks) can use a number of different frequency ranges. Although we all like to be connected, we recommend that you turn off your wifi at night.

2. cell phones and cordless phones

Cell phones are often carried in pockets, in or on the ears, or even in bras. They emit particularly strong EMF signals when hotspotting, calling, downloading or streaming. Since these devices are often worn on the body, you should pay attention to the thermal effect, the heating of body tissues. This also applies to cordless phones.

3. “Smart Devices” – Smart TV, switches, laptops, computers.

Similar to WLAN and cell phones, these devices also emit EMF signals. The same caution applies here as with WLAN and cell phones.

4. smart meters (intelligent electricity meters)

The so-called smart meters communicate with your energy supplier and tell you exactly how much energy you are using. They use the same 2.4 GHz signal as the WLAN for this purpose.

5. microwave ovens

Despite the general assertion that microwave ovens are safe and microwaved food suffers no loss of nutritional content, I always question whether the fact that we may be eating food that has just received a dose of electromagnetic radiation in the higher frequency range can really be beneficial to us.

6. electrical wiring

Electrical wiring emits very low frequency EMFs that are different from your cell phone or WLAN. The EMFs generated by such wiring are also referred to as “dirty electricity.”

7. cars

The “smarter” the car, the more electrical wiring and Bluetooth technology it contains. Electric cars are seen as the key to climate-friendly mobility. But EMF exposure for occupants should not be underestimated.

8. your neighbors

That is, if you have any. They will most likely have the same EMF sources in their home as you do. The most worrying aspect of this is their WLAN networks. If you live in an apartment block, everyone in your home will be exposed to EMFs from a variety of wireless networks that you can’t escape.

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