Cell phone in your pocket - is that questionable?

Cell phone in your pocket − is that questionable?

Have you ever wondered whether it could be dangerous to carry your cell phone in your pocket? Smartphones, tablets and the like transmit and receive with microwave radiation. According to the BioInitiative 2012 report, there is a direct link between this type of radiation and sperm damage. However, it is not only men’s fertility which is at risk, but also women’s. The study situation is alarming, yet there is a lack of transparent public education. Radiation protection limits are supposed to protect us. Therefore, it is a matter of course for many people to put their mobile phone in the trouser pocket in a carefree way. But are you aware that the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection nevertheless warns against using the devices close to the body or even carrying them?

In this article we will give you an overview of the current study situation and the health consequences with regard to male and female fertility as well as protective measures.

Cell phone in your pocket − studies prove the impairment of fertility

Study situation with regard to mobile radio and reproduction

The study situation with regard to damage of the reproductive organs is extensive and clear. Studies show pathological effects on male and female organs. Affected are the sperm and testicles of men as well as the ovaries and the oogenesis (maturation of the ovum) of women.

The environmental and consumer organization for the protection against electromagnetic radiation Diagnose-Funk published a study overview in their “Brennpunkt” series (February 2016 issue) with the title “130 Studies. Smartphones and tablets damage testicles, sperm and embryos”. The ElektrosmogReport (September 2019 issue) also presented studies on the impairment of fertility by mobile phone and WiFi radiation. In the following we would like to list some representative studies.

Study by Dimitris J. Panagopoulos, Greece, 2019

In his study, the researcher Dr. Dimitris J. Panagopoulos (University of Athens, Greece) analyzed existing publications on negative effects on living organisms caused by man-made electric medic fields. In the course of this, he discovered that 68 out of 71 studies on mobile phone radiation showed significant negative effects. These effects include a decrease in reproductiveness, DNA damage and cellular death. In the experimental part of the work, Panagopoulos compared the effects of GSM mobile radio (2G) with those of electric fields caused by thunderstorms, high-frequency radiation generated in the laboratory, and the magnetic field around domestic power lines: the radiation emitted by mobile phones was significantly more harmful to health than that from the other sources. Experimental animals showed genetic changes in the ovaries.

Study by Kavindra K. Kesari, Ashok Agarwal and Ralf Henkel, USA, 2018

In the study, the scientists analyzed a large number of studies that documented adverse effects on male reproductive organs caused by radiation exposure from mobile phones, laptops and WiFi. They found a reduced sperm count / morphology / motility, increased DNA damage as well as enzyme and hormone disorders. These effects depend upon physical factors (e.g. duration of exposure, distance from the radiation source, field strength).

Study by Martha Dirnfeld et al., Israel, 2015

The study of the University of Haifa, Israel examined the mobile phone use habits of 106 men and confirmed that mobile phone radiation damages male fertility. Martha Dirnfeld, professor at the Medical Center of the University of Haifa, summarized the results of the study as follows: “We found three habits of mobile phone use that led to a significant decrease in sperm count in men. These are men who use the phone close to the body, charge it or carry it close to the testicles. Their sperm count was significantly lower.” The study also showed that sperm concentration decreases when the mobile phone is worn less than 50 cm from the crotch. 47 per cent of men with this habit had an “abnormal concentration”.

Study by S. A. Geronikolou, Greece, 2015

The study by Geronikolou, University of Athens, showed that electromagnetic radiation can lead to infertility, in particular impaired egg maturation. Object of examination was the fruit fly, a reference animal for the study of oogenesis (maturation of the ovum). The result was a reduced fertility when irradiated far below the legal limits.

Practical tips for protection against infertility caused by mobile phone and WiFi radiation

  • Use your mobile phone by holding it as far away from your body as possible. Headsets will help you do this.
  • Never use your laptop or tablet on your lap. It is best to use a separate mouse and keyboard.
  • Do not carry your cell phone in your pocket or directly on your body.
  • Turn off smartphone and WiFi at night, because even in standby mode, apps are always sending and receiving.

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