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How is electromagnetic radiation measured?

How is electromagnetic radiation measured?

People who are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields should get to the bottom of the polluting electrosmog sources and eliminate them. Electromagnetic radiation can be measured for this purpose.

Measure the individual electrosmog exposure yourself

To measure your own electrosmog exposure correctly on your own is not easy. This is because, as we have already described, there are both low-frequency and high-frequency electromagnetic radiations. And here, different electrical devices in turn operate in different frequency ranges. Thus, there are also various types of EMF meters.

In the trade, you will therefore find electrosmog measuring devices in numerous designs: from inexpensive entry-level devices, to all-rounders with a fair price-performance ratio, to high-priced professional devices that allow measurements under scientific conditions. Eco Minds Media GmbH offers an informative EMF measuring device comparison on its website.

When measuring independently, keep in mind that the value of the electrosmog can change from minute to minute. This is because electrical devices emit radiation of different strengths or weaknesses. A measurement with the smartphone via app is possible, but often provides incorrect results.

Have the electrosmog exposure measured

If you would like advice, you can ask a member of staff about the subject at an electrical retailer. They can give you valuable advice on the most suitable EMF measuring device for you or on EMF sources that may be harmful.

In addition, building biologists are also available to provide advice and support. They usually offer EMF measurements of your living and working environment by an expert. Find building biologists near you in the Building Biology Directory.

You can find more important information about electrosmog analysis and measurement at Dr. Moldan Umweltanalytik.

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