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This is how our Qi technology works

This is how our Qi technology works

Find out now on which physical principles the Qi technology is based and how you can protect yourself and your family with Waveguard.

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Can harmful radiation be "converted" into harmless radiation?

Can the field strength of the concentrated, unnatural radiation possibly be reduced and thus transformed into harmless electromagnetic fields similar to natural radiation?

Yes, it is possible. And it does so through a simple physical effect: depolarization by means of special fluids.

Scientists at the University of Athens first studied the effect of polarized radiation.

In examining the main difference between man-made and natural Electromagnetic fields, in relation to the biological activity, the following was also determined in the process:

Non-Newtonian fluids effectively scatter waves of radiation, causing depolarization.

These now dispersed waves now resemble natural radiation and are completely harmless to biological organisms.

Investigation of electromagnetic field differences by Dimitris J. Panagopoulos¹, Olle Johansson² & George L. Carlo³:

¹Nationales Zentrum für wissenschaftliche Forschung "Demokritos", Athen, Griechenland. ²Abteilung für Biologie, Universität Athen, Griechenland. ²Radiation and Environmental Biophysics Research Centre, Greece. ²Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. ³The Science and Public Policy Institute, Institute for Healthful Adaptation, Washington, DC, USA

Illustration of the depolarization of radiation by liquid

Instructional video on Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

Non-Newtonian fluids have some sort of solid consistency when subjected to force/energy. However, they are liquid when exposed to low energy. For example, a special form is the so-called "EZ water". (Source).

Due to the altered structure of the liquid, the waves of the radiation travel and are thus dispersed. This is how the reversal process, i.e. the depolarization of the radiation, occurs.

Our "Qi-Liquid" is the further development of such a depolarizing liquid

The polarized artificial radiation is dispersed by Qi-Liquid and thus depolarized. The enormous reduction of the field strength of EMF has already been proven in numerous studies.

Qi technology is designed to interact with subtle electromagnetic fields through the use of its internal geometry. The Qi devices contain conductive liquids (Qi liquid) organized in a specific geometric arrangement.

We believe that thanks to this arrangement, the Qi devices are able to form an energy field that affects the quality of the environment.

This energy field reaches a range far beyond the boundaries of the device itself, so you and your family in the immediate vicinity of Waveguard devices are largely protected from unnatural EMF.

Innovative & Certified

Waveguard's Qi technology was invented and perfected by Waveguard founder Hagen Thiers. On October 27, 2022, Hagen Thiers received an award for innovation and international cooperation from the Association of European Inventors.

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Qi technology is scientifically proven in more than 25 studies

Qi technology is scientifically proven technology that lowers the field strength in its effective area. We have commissioned more than 25 studies to verify the technical as well as biological effects.

Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass es sich hierbei um Einzelnachweise handelt. Jeder Mensch ist unterschiedlich und die jeweiligen Auswirkungen dadurch individuell. Die hier dargestellten Versuche dienen der Möglichkeit, die Wirksamkeit der Qi-Technologie qualitativ einstufen zu können.

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Why is electromagnetic radiation harmful in the first place?

Does electrosmog endanger our health? What does Qi technology protect against and what are natural and unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMF) anyway?

The difference between natural and man-made electromagnetic fields

Before the age of digitalization, all life on Earth was exposed only to the natural electromagnetic environment: from the Earth's magnetic field to solar and cosmic radiation. Life adapted to these natural EMFs. But today we live in a very unnatural EMF environment.

This human-generated polarized radiation such as WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile radio is problematic:

It is often much stronger than natural EMF
It contains unnatural frequencies
It differs from natural EMF in terms of its shape
Unnatürliche Strahlung

Man-made Radiation


Natural Radiation

high frequency
"flat" & without direction of rotation
low frequency

Oxidative stress is the result of unnatural EMF exposure

In addition to the tissue heating officially confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), unnatural EMF sources cause athermal biological effects. These are caused by the excess of free radicals - particularly reactive oxygen compounds that are missing an electron.

Free radicals fulfill important functions in our body, e.g. they kill uncontrolled growing cells or destroy pathogens. However, they can also burden the organism by causing oxidative stress.

Thus, various studies demonstrated, among other things, a connection between increased free radicals, oxidative stress and cancer (Source). Damage to the genetic material has also been scientifically proven (Source). As early as the 1950s, the American biologist Denham Harman discovered this phenomenon and held free radicals responsible for the aging of skin and organs (Source).

What does "unpolarized" mean anyway?

Numerous wave trains emanate from a light source, e.g. from the sun or from an incandescent lamp. The direction of oscillation is different for the individual wave trains and spatially randomly distributed. The individual waves are therefore distributed randomly on a surface. Light for which there is no preferred direction of vibration is called unpolarized light.


The light from all natural light sources is unpolarized.

Unnatural exposure and the oxidative stress it causes can be reduced by EMF shielding, and metal-coated rooms and clothing can help. But these shields are usually expensive, complex, and also block natural EMFs to which our bodies have adapted.

Elektromagnetisches Spektrum
Additional reading on the consequences of unnatural EMF exposure:

Learn more about the effects of unnatural EMF radiation and the double-edged relevance of free radicals in our bodies.

Athermal biological effects from unnatural EMF sources.
Athermal biological effects from unnatural EMF sources.

A report from bioinitiative.org

Free radicals and antioxidants: the pros & cons
Free radicals and antioxidants: the pros & cons

A contribution from the National Library of Medicine

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