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  • Qi technology
  • German technology & production
  • EMF protection: high frequency
  • 5G optimised
  • WLAN, mobile radio & Bluetooth can be used without hesitation
  • powerless, simple application
  • for large living and working areas
  • Effective radius: max. 50 m *
  • Dimensions: diameter: 60 cm; Height: 18 cm
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg
  • Construction of the complete protective field: within 24 hours; if the device is moved again for 24 hours
  • Material: copper ring and oiled stone pine or beech wood refined with pollutant-free hard wax oil


Every single Qi-Max is unique. This means that the grain, shade and color may differ slightly.

The service life of the Qi-Max is approx. 8 years. We then check the effectiveness and, if necessary, regenerate it for a service flat rate!

The EMF protection for specific needs

In today’s digital world, modern communication and work equipment has become indispensable. The number of devices, including radiation sources, are on the rise. As a result, more and more people complain of headaches, sleep and concentration problems.

Are you already protecting your family or employees from unnatural electromagnetic radiation? With careful handling of technology and the conscious reduction of electrosmog as well as a healthy lifestyle, you will experience a stress-free living and working environment filled with positive energy. Thanks to natural light frequencies, our Qi technology can be supportive and harmonising in the measures you take.

The Qi-Max – the best colleague

The Qi-Max was specifically designed for large living and working areas due to its larger effective area * compared to the smaller Qi-Home Cell. Qi-Max is a low-cost and low-maintenance alternative to extensive and costly radiation protection conversion measures. In addition, you can use the latest high-tech extensively and without worry.

If you move house, you can easily take the Qi-Max with you and reposition it.

The Qi-Max is developed and manufactured in Germany. Each unit is a unique piece, custom-made from high-quality materials, which blends harmoniously into its surroundings thanks to its timeless, classic design.


Set up the Qi-Max in a central location in your living or work area. Make sure there is a distance of 50 cm between the Qi-Max and electrical devices or power lines. It doesn’t need to be plugged in and is fully functional in just 24 hours.

According to TÜV Rheinland, Qi-Max is safe and harmless for adults, children and pets.

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 18 cm
Wood species

Swiss stone pine, Beech

Effective radius

max. 50 m*


5G-optimised, frost-proof