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Concentration & Performance at Work

No motivation? Stress level at maximum?

Do you wish you could work in a more relaxed way, concentrate longer and be more resistant to stress? Find out how.

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The causes of fatigue

Nutrition & Diseases
Depression*, stress
WLAN & Mobile Radio

The cause of this lassitude may lie within you, but it may also be external to you. This is because studies point to consequences such as poor concentration, fatigue and lack of energy due to high levels of electrosmog exposure.

Workplaces are diverse and individual in their technical equipment. But home offices, office buildings, stores and production halls all have one thing in common: nothing works in today's digital world without WLAN, DECT phones, scanners, printers and other Bluetooth devices. In addition, satellite, radio and mobile phone radiation affect your working environment from outside.

You work under permanent electrosmog stress: The multitude of different artificial electromagnetic voltage fields can create a disharmony of your own vibrations in the body.

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Qi technology at work

Tips for more concentration & performance

What can you specifically do about it – for yourself, your employees and thus the entire company?

  • Inform and sensitize your employees on the topic of electrosmog, its consequences and conscious use of technical devices.
  • A healthy lifestyle and reducing electromagnetic interference sources in your environment is equally important.
  • Offer your employees free exercise classes during breaks, as well as free fruit and water.

In everything you do, Qi technology can support you thanks to natural light frequencies.

You can also make unrestricted use of modern, digital communication technology with our technology. So experience a work environment full of energy. For EMF protection at the workplace, we recommend the Qi-Max!

Things to know about protection against electrosmog

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