Do you also suffer from impaired hearing like millions of Germans? A study by the Institut für Hörtechnik und Audiologie (Institute for Hearing Technology and Audiology, Jade Hochschule, 2017) indicates that around 16 % of adults in Germany suffer from hearing impairment. Every third person over 50 years of age has a hearing loss. Young people are also affected more and more from year to year, thanks to music and work noise. In Germany, about 2.5 million people own a hearing aid. Better qualities, smaller designs, modern look and multiple technical refinements contribute to their enhanced image. Do electromagnetic radiations occur due to the increasing technical possibilities of the devices? Are there health risks such as headaches and lack of concentration? After all, hearing aids are worn permanently, directly in or on the ear, for around 15 hours a day. In the following, we will give you an overview of hearing aid types, their functionality and the health hazards. Finally, we clarify what you should consider when purchasing a hearing aid.


Bees produce honey that is popular with both young and old. But that is not all: as pollinator insects, they are especially important for our ecosystem. They guarantee us a large number of foods and are responsible for good harvests as well as ecological biodiversity. However, the bee population is in danger: 90 % of the bee colonies disappeared in the USA in 2007. In Europe, 53 % of the bees have died in the last ten years. Could the ever-increasing expansion of the mobile phone network have contributed to this? This question will be in our focus below. For this purpose, we will look at selected aspects of the bee´s physical constitution and behavior. In addition, we will give an overview of the study situation and consider the influence of the new 5G mobile phone network on the bee.

The 5th generation of mobile communications (5G) not only provides high speeds and low delays with regard to data transmission. New frequencies and an enormous upgrade of the transmission towers are planned as well. No need to worry, network operators assure the public, and they are already advertising the new technology. Smartphone manufacturers intend to release devices compatible with the new standard later this year. What do users think about the topic? After all, numerous scientific studies have documented health risks from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation mobile communications and have already taken a critical view of 5G. Indeed, they have even warned against expansion. According to the Bitkom survey published on 20 April 2020, Germans are concerned about the topic. We'll give you an overview of the most significant survey results.

A recent review of international scientists has documented health damages caused by WiFi and mobile phone radiation of the 5th generation (5G). The Journal Toxicology Letters, Volume 323 published the systematic review in the May issue. Diagnose-Funk also presented it in the ElektrosmogReport (1/2020). What distinguishes the publications and, in particular, the 5G review? We take a look at the research results in an overview.

The Waveguard GmbH starts its cross-media company presentations and utilizes these to inform about electrosmog and its consequences. First broadcast on Swiss television on 25 March 2020 and now also on YouTube: the latest interview of Waveguard founder and inventor Hagen Thiers. In the current issue (May to July 2020) of the Baden-Journal, Mr. Thiers also introduces the company, the Qi products and studies. We'll give you a short company presentation and an insight into both publications.

Smartphones, tablets and the like transmit and receive with microwave radiation. According to the BioInitiative 2012 report, there is a direct link between this type of radiation and sperm damage. However, it is not only men's fertility which is at risk, but also women's. The study situation is alarming, yet there is a lack of transparent public education. Radiation protection limits are supposed to protect us. Therefore, it is a matter of course for many people to put their mobile phone in the trouser pocket in a carefree way. But are you aware that the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection nevertheless warns against using the devices close to the body or even carrying them? In this article we will give you an overview of the current study situation and the health consequences with regard to male and female fertility as well as protective measures.

Baby monitors are now part of the initial equipment of every infant. They send us sounds or even images from the children's room, provide a certain amount of security by monitoring the sleep of our youngest, and can thus make everyday life easier. However, tests show that the device itself is a major risk factor: electromagnetic radiation endangers us and especially our children who are demonstrably affected by it in particular. In this article we examine baby monitor models, health risks and precautionary measures.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published new “Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields” in the U.S. American radiation health journal Health Physics on 11 March 2020. This publication now replaces the ICNIRP´s Radio Frequency (1998) and Low Frequency Guidelines (2010). In this article, we review the publication and clarify the most important questions.

On Monday, 23 March 2020, the President of the USA signed the “Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020”. Among other things, it requires the development of a strategy to ensure and maximize the security of the next-generation (5G) mobile telecommunications infrastructure and systems in the United States. What developments is the government's legislative announcement based upon? To answer the question, we provide an overview below of previous regulations of radiation protection limits in the USA and the current discourse in science and research on this topic.

On 31 May 2011, the committee of the WHO cancer organization, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), decided that electromagnetic fields (EMF) are ”potentially carcinogenic to humans. This classification means that, according to the IARC, there is limited evidence of carcinogenic effects of radiofrequency magnetic fields on humans.

Numerous studies substantiate health risks caused by non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Already in 2002, 1,000 doctors around the world signed the Freiburg Appeal in which they attempted to sensitize the medical profession, public healthcare, politics and the general public for the topic. Finally, in 2015, 194 scientists from 39 countries demanded in an to the United Nations (UN), their member states and the World Health Organization (WHO), to deal with the health and environmental risks of increasing radiation exposure, to educate the public, to take precautionary measures and to tighten regulations. The upheaval is completely unsubstantiated, the radiation protection authorities assure us. Recommended limits are supposed to protect us adequately and sufficiently. But where does this certainty originate from when, at the same time, the experts´ outcry is becoming louder and louder?

The new mobile phone standard 5G is in the starting blocks. It is already available in China, South Korea and the USA. There are also test projects for 5G in Germany. These include the first closed networks in the port of Hamburg, in Darmstadt and downtown Berlin as well as test networks in Munich and Aldenhoven. Doubts about the new technology and its harmlessness to health are growing steadily. The most important questions on the subject are therefore answered below.

Who sleeps on the phone next to your head with WiFi on? Have you ever thought that turning off WiFi is a solution that could have a positive impact on your family's health? Electromagnetic fields (EMF), also called radio frequency fields, that are emitted by wireless devices can affect your health. Because WiFi is one of the main sources of EMF in your home, turning it off during the night can be an easy step to help you sleep healthier and reduce your exposure by a third.

Have you ever tossed and turned in your bed, unable to quiet your mind until the early morning hours? Have you ever stayed up late staring at a computer screen for hours only to find it difficult to fall asleep right after? If you said yes to any of the above, read on. We have compiled 5 top tips to help you sleep better, get enough rest and wake up more alert and ready for the day ahead of you.

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a computer screen for hours - be it for work, for study purposes, or simply because you were on the internet or watching a movie? Perhaps you were active in front of the screen until late into the night, then want to sink into a restful, deep sleep - and find that you are wide awake and cannot find any sleep.

What do a rainbow, a mobile phone and a head CT scan have in common? One thing for sure. They all emit EMFs (Electromagnetic fields) or otherwise called Electromagnetic Radiation (EM radiation). We often talk about EM radiation in connection with mobile phones and wireless technology but the fact is, EM radiation includes so much more than this. In this article, we will explain some very basic concepts to help you understand where wireless technology fits in.

Interested in keeping your family healthy? If so, the chances are you’ve come across the term ‘EMFs’ (Electromagnetic fields), specifically in connection with mobile phones, wifi routers, laptops or smart meters. Due to their unfavorable impact on our wellbeing, the reputation EMFs have earned is very much a negative one. But are they all the same? Are they all harmful?

In this article we want to help you clearly understand:

  • What is 5G and why we need to talk about it
  • Are there any health risks we need to aware of?
  • What can you do about 5G?

As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and guardians, we are responsible for ensuring that our children are healthy and thriving. With wireless technologies and devices all around us, we need to be well informed about safety and possible risks to protect those who are the most vulnerable: our children.

Both you and I are only two of the five billion mobile phone users out there. Our phones have become a daily necessity for us. Have you ever wondered how much radiation you absorb when making a phone call, downloading a file or simply when keeping a phone in your pocket? How safe is it? And how did SAR come about?

In his scientific report from early 2019, Prof. Om. P. Gandhi shows that mobile phones fail the  Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) safety limits both in Europe and the USA. He recommends that  the regulators change current compliance testing methods. As consumers, we generally think that all electronic products we use, including mobile phones, are safe to use.

We consider this to be one of the articles most worth knowing. Cross-national information is presented to you here, giving you great insight into how conscious we humans become about this topic.

Just glancing at the content of the brochure “Cells suffering from Radiation Stress” (German article: “Zellen im Strahlenstress” published by the website suffices to realize why this report should definitely be read.

How should you handle your cell phone and tablet?

Cosmic radiation – the radiation our body is exposed to when we fly with an airplane. The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (“Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz “) is the authority charged with determining when hazardous levels of radiation are reached, and whether you as someone traveling by plane should be concerned about those radiation levels.

The following article gives you information if you want to find out how our fertility is impaired by cell phones and wireless networks. You can find up-to-date studies and tips on how to deal with this issue here.

This question is frequently asked of our customer service team. To answer this question, we have to distinguish between the different sorts of radiation. Most of these, e.g. radioactive radiation or low-frequency electromagnetic fields, are accurately graded and classified and their effects known. So we know precisely the levels above which they become harmful, and what we can do about it.