We are Waveguard

Our History − Tradition Meets Modernity

The history of our family business already started in 2008. Back then, our CEO Hagen Thiers traveled through Finland for three months for the first time. Frequently on the move, no electric power, no running water, no air pollution and no mobile phone reception: in sync with nature − a beautiful experience. However, back in Hagen’s native Germany these were years when use of mobile phones was rapidly increasing, with more and people using them in public places and more base stations transmitting readiowaves. Upon returning home to Germany where mobile phone radiation was everywhere, Hagen’s head was humming permanently. Already electrosensitive already as a child, Hagen’s sensitivity increased many times over in a short time with this new radiation exposure.




As it turned out, the World Health Organization recognizes sensitivity to electromagnetic fields as a condition that many people have suffered from. Electrosensitivity is a warning signal the body expresses in response to our innate responses to electromagnetic fields which can result in fatigue, dizziness, headaches, problems with concentration and memory, sleep disturbances and other problems. Hagen Thiers had already been thinking of a field solution for protection against electromagnetic radiation and was encouraged and determined from then on to find a solution.

This was the beginning of our aspiration to find a solution that enables you to lead a life in which you’re able to enjoy the advantages of the newest technology in a carefree way, yet still be protected against health hazards. Back then, we started with product development, produced certain prototypes and conducted various tests with friends and acquaintances. This is how we developed our unique Qi Technology which we combined with high-grade materials to result in unique products with a modern design.

Eventually in 2014, Hagen Thiers founded our company “Qi-Technologies”. Within just five years we succeeded in establishing ourselves in the national market as recognized producer of radiation protection products, and, in addition, we are strongly committed in the international business field as well. Parallel to this, our product spectrum has been continually expanded to include mobile devices such as the Qi-Shield and the Qi-Mobile. Particular emphasis can also be placed on the fact that, in recent times, we have commissioned and compiled numerous studies whose results were able to confirm that our devices indeed function in the manner we describe. We believe that this research has the potential to significantly contribute to our understanding of how electromagnetic fields affect us.

On the basis of this new well-founded knowledge, our objective is to distance ourselves clearly from any esoteric competitors we had been erroneously identified with, and to lift our products up to a significantly higher level. We are now ready to take the next step: Qi-Technologies is now renamed to Waveguard! Today we are an international company with the vision to become the international market leader for radiation protection products.




Our Commitment

The first-class materials used for our devices originate from regional and national facilities. Each single device is processed in the symbiosis of careful manual craftsmanship and the use of a high-precision cutting machine. The housings are precisely cut out of the wood and assembled by hand. The functional part is also built in by hand and subsequently tested for functionality. In this way, we can guarantee consistently high quality, reliable functionality and outstanding durability of our products.




Our Unique Selling Propositions

1. We have developed a general concept for protection against electromagnetic, non-ionizing radiation of individual (e.g. your cellphone) as well as external devices (e.g. cellphone towers), effective across the frequency range used by communications devices.

2. The function of our devices is not frequency-based, with unproven methods such as wave harmonization or similar operating principles. Rather, they function in an analog manner, based on interactions of physical processes with electromagnetic radiation. Our devices measurably modify radiation exposure so that the effects of radiation on the body are reduced or more tolerable.

3. We are offering a home, office, indoor, outdoor and mobile solutions for radiation protection.

4. Since 2016, we have been the national market leader for radiation protection products.




Our Company Vision

Our goal is to develop exclusive products for you that create a radiation-reduced environment. Even electro-sensitive persons should not perceive any effects of radiation and enjoy a normal life. With the combination of unique technology, conscientiousness and attention to detail, we want to preserve your health in the long term and become the international market leader in the field of radiation protection.


Our Progress

We take pride in the fact that, by this time, our devices are being sold throughout the world. Our customer base now includes 23 countries, among them Austria, Italy, Switzerland, USA, Great Britain and China. Add to this 18 countries in which we already could acquire distribution partners. The Qi products enjoy excellent reputation and are in steadily increasing demand, partly due to word-of-mouth of satisfied customers, and partly due to the continuous commitment of our distribution team.