Clearly demonstrable health consequences associated with electrosmog are:

schlafstoerungen schlechter schlaf handy strahlung

sleep disturbances

kopfschmerzen elektrosmog strahlenschutz funkwellen


energierlosigkeit abschirmung elektromagnetische strahlung

lack of energy

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konzenztrationsschwaeche schutz elektromagnetische strahlung

poor concentration

If you suffer from at least one of the symptoms above, you are exactly right with us! We are sure that everyone should spend some thoughts on electrosmog and its effects. And this is where we come in: we are offering you radiation protection products with reliable and measurable effects. This has been certified to us by TÜV SÜD (German Technical Inspection Association for Southern Germany). Our product range includes devices for



So for nearly every area of life there is a suitable product. Even your protection against the new 5G network, satellites and radio masts is taken care of. In addition, it is not only you who is safe in the respective protection zone, but also your family, friends, associates or animals. We are developing exclusive products for you, enabling you to live a modern life unconstrained by electromagnetic radiation hazards.

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Protect your family:

Electromagnetic radiation is a danger to be taken seriously!
The greatest risk exists for our children as their skull bones in particular are still thin-walled.

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