Become an electrosmog expert now

You are aware of the dangers to our health caused by electrosmog and you may even already know our EMF protection products or want to learn more about them?

Are you between 30 and 50 years young and a committed, reliable sales talent?

Sales representative

As our sales representative, you are a competent and experienced contact person for interested parties, to whom you introduce our devices and their mode of operation. Here, you take on a purchasing mediating position.

For every successful purchase you refer, you will receive a commission on the net sales price, which increases as the total sales increase.

Your rights & responsibilities as a Waveguard distributor:
own business registration
Participation in our consultant training
Advice for customers and prospective buyers
Transmission of orders to Waveguard
Organization of consultations and information events at your location
Waveguard ships the goods to the customer
Waveguard creates the invoice for the customer


As a dealer, you are a competent advisor for interested parties and can sell the equipment directly to customers at the price set by Waveguard. For this purpose, you take over the Qi products minus purchase discount by prepayment into your own stock.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard dealer:
own business registration
Participation in our consultant training
with the sales turnover the purchase discount increases = higher profit margin
Liability and invoicing to customer by respective authorized dealer
Direct contact for customers - also in case of revocation
Waveguard is solely liable for the function of the devices

Exclusive partner

As an Exclusive Partner, you have exclusive sales rights in your country or territory. You will also receive improved acceptance conditions. You also sell the Qi products in your own name.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard exclusive partner:
own business registration
exclusive sales rights in the respective country, territory-based contract
exclusive conditions due to purchase agreement with Waveguard


As our affiliate partner you have your personal advertising contract with us and receive an affiliate link/coupon code for your commission through advertising sales in the Waveguard store.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard affiliate partner:
own business registration
Advertising contract with Waveguard
Commissions for sold products with affiliate link/coupon code
2 to 3 posts/week, period 4 weeks

You want to become an electrosmog expert now?

We want to get to know you!

Explore your options as our sales partner today and enjoy numerous benefits:

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