Funkmasten und Mobilfunknetze - Wie groß ist Ihre EMF-Belastung

Radio masts and mobile phone networks – How high is your EMF exposure?

How high is your EMF exposure from radio masts and mobile phone networks in your area? The Federal Network Agency‘s location database can help answer this question. The body also published about cellular  network monitoring on October 29, 2020. This tool offers an overview of 2G, 3G and 4G distribution in Germany. Also the coverage of the new 5G network will be published in the near future.

The Federal Network Agency

The Federal Network Agency overlooks the Ordinance on the Verification Procedure for Limiting Electromagnetic Fields (BEMFV).

Their central tasks tasks are to:

  • promote competition and performance of infrastructures in the energy, telecommunications, post and rail markets.
  • contribute to the fact that companies can make the necessary investments in the future viability of the networks.
  • regulate the use of frequencies and phone numbers.
  • enable interference-free radio communication.
  • check whether radio systems comply with the radiation protection limit values.
  • accelerate the planning of new power lines.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from radio systems

Mobile communication is an important part of the modern society. To make it work, different types of radio system locations are required. The density and the number of radio system locations required for a communication network depends on many factors, such as the operating frequency or the expected volume of voice and data.

Radiation protection limit values ​​in the cellular network

The radiation protection limit values ​​(SAR) applicable to radio systems are laid down in the 26th Ordinance on the Federal Immission Control Act (26th BImSchV). Frequency-dependent limit values ​​apply to high-frequency radio systems. The following are in place for mobile communications:

  • LTE 800 MHz 38 V / m, power flux density 3.9 W / m2
  • GSM 900 MHz 41 V / m, power flux density 4.6 W / m2
  • GSM / LTE 1800 MHz 58 V / m, power flux density 9.0 W / m2
  • UMTS / LTE 2600 61 V / m, power flux density 10.0 W / m2
  • 5G 3600 MHz 61 V / m, power flux density 10.0 W / m2

Location database of the Federal Network Agency

The location database offers the opportunity to find out about the individual EMF exposure from radio systems nearby.

It gives information about:

  • Places where it is checked whether and to what extent the radiation protection values ​ are met.
  • Information on safety distances, mounting heights of the antennas and the main beam direction of each location.

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Cellular network monitoring by the Federal Network Agency

Federal Network Agency publishes a new map in broadband monitor

The Federal Network Agency offers important maps, data and graphics on broadband coverage in Germany in their broadband monitor. It includes the following tools:

Cellular Network Monitoring

The Agency published a map of the current mobile network coverage in Germany on October 29, 2020. Jochen Homann, President of the Federal Network Agency, said: “We are monitoring the development of mobile phone coverage and will regularly make the data available to the public in the future.”

The map shows:

  • 96.5 percent of the area in Germany is covered by at least one mobile network operator with 4G (LTE).
  • With 3G included, the coverage is as much as 97.3 percent of the country.
  • Areas without mobile phone coverage make up 0.3 percent of the country.

Which data is used for cellular network monitoring?

To provide accurate data, the mobile network operators need to provide information about their network coverage. The Agency compares this information with the results of the signal coverage map and the data from the “Mobile radio supply and cost study” of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

So far, data for the 2G, 3G and 4G networks can be viewed and are updated regularly. The 5G distribution will be added in the near future.

Do you want to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation?

We recommend you to take your radiation protection seriously. Although the industry insists that the latest technology is safe, numerous scientific studies have shown that EMFs can pose serious risks to health and wellbeing. We encourage you to do your own research. Do you have any questions about your personal protection? We are here to help.

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