WLAN in Schools – Dangers and Alternatives

WLAN in Schools − the German Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) decided as early as 2016 that all schools should have WLAN for “digital education”. The experiences of the Corona crisis are expected to accelerate this development. However, the extensive body of research on health risks is not being considered in this process. An increasing number of German schools are using mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and digital boards, which are usually operated with routers and WLAN access points emitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

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14 ways to effectively limit exposure to EMFs

Limit EMF is a critical issue these days. Because electromagnetic radiation (also called EM fields) surrounds us always and everywhere. Unless we live in a remote house far away from civilization and any kind of technological connectivity. Our phones, laptops, wifi routers, smartwatches, Fitbit, smart household products, plugs, sleep trackers are often our daily companions in increasing frequency and intensity.

According to experts, kids aged 8 to 18 are averaging at seven hours a day looking at screens, instead of the recommended 2 hours. Over three times as much exposure time to EMFs often goes hand in hand with other health implications linked with a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity or back and neck issues.

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5G − Is the health of your family at risk?

Is the health of your family at risk from the expansion of the 5th generation of cellular networks? This question is critically discussed in the media and research. In our article, we would like to help you clearly understand the most important questions about 5G & health.

  • What is 5G and why we need to talk about it?
  • Are there any health risks we need to aware of?
  • What can you do about 5G?

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How EMFs Affect Children’s Health

Have you already thought about the dangers to your children’s health from EMFs? As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and guardians, we are responsible for ensuring that our children are healthy and thriving. With wireless technologies and devices all around us, we need to be well informed about safety and possible risks to protect those who are the most vulnerable: our children.

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