Bee deaths – does cell phone radiation affect bees?

Bee deaths and cell phone radiation – is there a direct connection?

Bees produce honey that is popular with both young and old. But that is not all: as pollinator insects, they are especially important for our ecosystem. They guarantee us a large number of foods and are responsible for good harvests as well as ecological biodiversity. However, the bee population is in danger: 90 % of the bee colonies disappeared in the USA in 2007. In Europe, 53 % of the bees have died in the last ten years. Could the ever-increasing expansion of the mobile phone network have contributed to this? This question will be in our focus below. For this purpose, we will look at selected aspects of the bee´s physical constitution and behavior. In addition, we will give an overview of the study situation and consider the influence of the new 5G mobile phone network on the bee.

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