EHS and 5G network expansion – are we all to be electro-sensitive in the future?

EHS and 5G network expansion are we all to be electro-sensitive in the future?

Digitization and the 5G network expansion are making great strides forward during the Corona virus pandemic. While a blessing for some, it seems a curse for those who are already fleeing into the last remaining dead spots or can only live shielded from e-smog and radio, the cursed ones are the electrosensitive ones.

It is estimated that millions of people in Germany alone are already electro-sensitive. There are no exact numbers. At the same time, if we review the issue through a thorough lens, all of us might soon be affected, which makes it one  more reason to take a closer look at this uncomfortable subject.

Being electrosensitive: the forgotten, avoided, suppressed, ignored and ridiculed

The topic of electro-hyper-sensitivity (EHS) is sort of an inconvenience in the age of global 5G expansion, smart networks, the switch to home office or the planned Industry 4.0. It shows not only the network operators, the economy, politics, the military, but also the rest of us that with all the cheers for super-fast data transfer and the advantages that come with our technology, there are (could) be major health risks.

Anyone who likes to do business with or just likes to use their smartphones or cell phones certainly doesn’t want to hear about it. That is why many of those affected experience how they literally fight against windmills are often seen as exotic to society. It’s all their “imagination”, “psychological problems” or a “nocebo effect” – the bad brother of the “placebo effect“.

Official concerns about the limitless increase in electrical devices

When it comes to EHS, the signs are pointing to a storm. After all the countries of the world become more or less ready to close the last remaining dead spots, our everyday lives will continue to be peppered with more and more electrical and electronic devices. With new Cell phone contracts every year, performance levels and network densities will  increase.

Although it is publicly admitted that nobody can estimate how the exact number of all the electrical devices, radio masts and smart networks, each of which naturally has to comply with health limit values, will have an overall effect on us.

Fig. 1: Increase in performance levels between 2000 and 2010, source

We can read about it in the annual report of the Radiation Protection Commission at www.zeit.de on October 20th, 2005:

Even the Radiation Protection Commission, which advises the federal government and is not suspected of exaggerating dangers, warns in its annual report: “An increasingly pressing problem is that the number of devices that produce electromagnetic fields in the human environment is increasing dramatically.” Each individual device remains below the limit values, but in total there is a risk that they would be exceeded. In addition, these values ​​are a kind of auxiliary construction. They only rule out the possibility of tissue heating being harmful below the limit values ​​as still controversial today, Although there are initial indications of this, but no scientific evidence as yet.

Even official authorities admit a possible risk!

In conclusion, an appeal to the public is urgently needed to take the matter more seriously and to clarify

  • what electrosensitivity actually is,
  • how and by what means it arises
  • and whether there could be more to the phenomenon of electrosensitivity than just “imagination” before the unresolved 5G issue with its long-term effects is resolved.

Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) – what is it?

Even at the start of the question of a definition there are initial problems. Officially there is no clinical picture of an electro-hyper-sensitive person. To this day, this is not only recognized in Germany, but also worldwide. For many decades, there has been great resistance to provide official recognition.

Approaching the topic publicly on TV shows at premium airtime would mean acknowledging that something unpleasant is happening in our society. Or that something is wrong with our technology, which is widely used around the world. This in turn would undermine the whole system of harmlessness, potentially triggering an uncomfortable chain reaction, which could certainly be reflected not only in falling sales figures or the decline in cell phone contracts, but also in considerable claims for damages and extensive shielding measures.

Newtons Gesetz von Aktion und Reaktion

Fig. 2: Newton’s law of action and reaction, source

An attempt at a definition

Wikipedia states the following quote about the term “EHS”, presented as a pure assertion:

People who claim to be able to perceive electrical, magnetic or electromagnetic fields (EMF) are called electro-sensitive. Such fields are generated by electrotechnical systems and are supposed to cause so-called electrosmog. Sources of the primarily technically used EMF are mostly cellular radio, radio transmitters, radar devices, DECT telephones, Wifi, microwave ovens or Bluetooth. Other higher-frequency radiation such as gamma, X-ray, infrared radiation or visible light are not considered, although these also represent electromagnetic fields.

Artificial and natural fields

First and foremost, it would make sense to educate the public on the subject of EHS:

  • There are artificial, man-made fields that do not conform to nature, such as technically generated microwaves, radar, cellular radio, etc.
  • Natural fields to which life as a whole, including humans, has adapted for millions of years.

Researchers and developers like Dr. Florian König, who have been researching this for decades, speak of technics and sferics.

Technics literally interfere with our cells and trigger all the problems that we want to consider below. We have adapted biologically and genetically to so-called sferics, also called atmos-spherics – (natural fields of atmospheric origin) for millions of years. They can be made noticeable, visible, measurable and audible in lightning, good weather, bad weather, earthquakes (ground spherics) or as background noise on the radio.



Fig. 3: Lightning, source

Since artificial and natural forms of energy differ fundamentally in their effects, the human body ultimately reacts to them, some feeling them  more or less than others.

So weather-sensitive energy flows can perceive nature and feel comfortable in high pressure areas and good weather conditions and bad in bad weather conditions.

Electrosensitive people have also developed very fine antennas for the perception of electromagnetic, artificially pulsed fields. It can be a blessing or a curse, as we can only fix those problems that we know of.

EHS – the symptoms

An interesting fact is that the negative unpleasant consequences and health complaints related to technical mobile communications are historically well documented and began with the first radio towers. I wrote about in my article “5G satellites – madness or miracles in earth orbit?” in June 2021.

What doctors find in their practices

What becomes interesting about the subject of EHS is when we include the years of observations made by numerous doctors, even the German Medical Association and their public appeals to us, politicians and network operators since 2002. Quote:

We have observed a dramatic increase in severe and chronic illnesses in our patients in recent years, in particular • learning, concentration and behavior disorders in children (e.g. hyperactivity) • blood pressure derailments, which are increasingly difficult to influence with medication • cardiac arrhythmias • heart attacks and Strokes in younger and younger people • cerebral degenerative diseases (eg Alzheimer’s disease) and epilepsy • cancers such as leukemia and brain tumors We are also observing an increasing number of different disorders, often misinterpreted in patients as psychosomatic, such as • headaches and migraines • chronic exhaustion • internal Restlessness • Insomnia and daytime tiredness • Noisy ears • Susceptibility to infection • Nerve and soft tissue pain that cannot be explained with the usual causes, just to name the most noticeable symptoms […]

Freiburger Appell

Fig. 4: Photo, original flyer of the Freiburg appeal from 2002, Image source: Maik Lindner private archive

The doctors of the Freiburg appeal identified the causes as follows:

[…] Since we are usually familiar with the living environment and the habits of our patients, we see, especially after targeted questioning, more and more often a clear temporal and spatial relationship between the occurrence of these diseases and the start of radio exposure, for example in the form of an • installation a cell phone system in the immediate vicinity of the patient • Intensive cell phone use • Purchase of a DECT cordless phone in your own house or in the neighborhood.

We can no longer believe in a purely coincidental coincidence, because: • too often we observe a conspicuous accumulation of certain diseases in areas or residential units exposed to radio waves, • too often the disease improves or disappears for months to years of symptoms in a relatively short time after reduction or elimination of radio exposure in the immediate vicinity of the patient, • too often, building biology measurements of unusual electromagnetic radio intensities on site confirm our observations […]

EHS and the official view

This should actually make it clear – even as required by a doctor – that something is wrong with our technology. Unfortunately, officially, the majority still deny that there is such a connection between the symptoms produced by the doctors in the Freiburg appeal for mobile phone expansion.

It is said that people with EHS suffer from a nocebo effect. According to official doctrine, the nocebo effect is the evil twin brother of the placebo effect., which means that the negative expectations are supposed to trigger the complaints.

Specifically, researchers of this school of thought state that people only need to be persuaded that they feel worse under frequency irradiation (even if it is not switched on) and that they then actually feel worse (see also self-fulfilling prophecy). What was tested in a test group, however, is that it’s a proven fact that the problem with the electrosensitive is actually psychological in nature. So just rest on fear and panic, to which the body then reacts “similar to a pseudo-pregnancy”.

So long live the power of thoughts, which are also still contested by many, right?

The problem that is not taken seriously and the risks attached to it

To put it sarcastically, there is a joke from network operators like Telekom:

Since a cellular antenna was installed on the roof of the neighboring house, Mr. Meier can hardly sleep. At night he rolls in bed with a headache. After a week, Meier has had enough. He picks up the phone (landline) and complains to the telecommunications company. The technician he’s connected with has bad news for him. “We’re sorry, Mr. Meier, but things will soon be much worse,” he says. And after a break from art, he adds inwardly triumphantly: “The antenna will actually be switched on next week.”

Due to the non-recognition of an increasing number of EHS victims, the expansion of the network has made incredible progress. And now there is a conscious political and economic effort to close the last dead spots. It is because, officially, there is no such thing as Electro-Sensitivity (ES) or Electro-Hyper-Sensititivity (EHS). In the end, the official studies do not give cause for concern:

There have been studies on the phenomenon of “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” since the 1990s. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection has commissioned some of these studies itself in the past. Most of the national and international studies cannot establish a clear connection between the symptoms and electromagnetic radiation. This is what it says, for example, in a study published in 2009 by the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

There are no official censuses

Based on this, one might assume that the doctors of the Freiburg appeal must all be wrong and that they have been addressing politicians and the public with their appeals “out of pure imagination” for about 20 years, facing enormous challenges, and thus (wanting to) make them ridiculous.

Or that the number of electro-sensitive people actually increases with constant network expansion – not officially recorded.

Even a contact to the board of the Verein für Elektrosensible München e.V., as for my topic-related book research, unfortunately does not currently provide any clarification, because the answer was:

We would also like to have reliable figures, because we can see that the number of those affected is steadily increasing. However, there is no official survey and there will not be as long as the existence of the EHS is officially denied. Especially with regard to the planned expansion of the 5G network, increased activity by all official decision-makers can be felt to be able to continue to downplay and keep down the problem with the “so-called electro-sensitive” – according to the official style. It is in the nature of things that official estimates are far too low and the number of unreported cases is likely to be correspondingly high. We assume that approx. 35-40% of the population are affected […]

(Maik Lindner: 5G Cellular Networks – Radiant Future or Dangerous Radiation; What to Expect? ISBN 978334715877, p. 114)

Burn-out as an indicator of more physical stress?

At least today, experts have noticed that more and more people are suffering from the so-called burn-out syndrome.

This means chronic states of exhaustion and fatigue, the feeling of senselessness, listlessness, inner emptiness, but also headaches, back pain, insomnia and numerous other symptoms that go hand in hand with it.

EHS and burnout in comparison

Interestingly, and from a purely external point of view, there are some parallels between burnout and electrosensitivity, such as:

  • Insomnia and chronic fatigue,
  • Headache, depression,
  • Circulatory problems, dizziness, nausea, etc.

In both cases, the reason for this seems to be a weakened immune system that is under a certain constant stress, whereby an exact allocation of the professional world has been causing problems for years.

However, burnout is more discussed and therefore more publicly perceived than EHS. Burnout sufferers are therefore taken more seriously today and assigned to the direction of “psychosomatic complaints”.

Scientists, politicians and mobile phone operators are also trying to give this “label” to people who are electro-sensitive. But contrary to those affected by burn-out, they experience – as we have just seen from the Freiburg appeal – a rapid improvement in their state of health if the relevant sources of interference are neutralized. Which is a strong indication that EHS can be technical rather than psychological in origin.

The hooks on the nocebo effect and the official view

In a single group, the nocebo effect may actually have been detected, but what about studies that did not tell patients about harmfulness? Or the device was switched on and off without the knowledge of the test subjects or the researchers, which is called a double-blind study?

In 2003 such a study – the so-called TNO report – was carried out (TNO report: Effects of Global Communication System radiofrequency fields on Well Being and Cognitive Functions of human subjects with and without subjective complaints, 2003). 72 participants – consisting of 32 electro-sensitive and 32 non-electro-sensitive people – were exposed to short-term radiation from GSM radio at 0.9 GHz and 1.8 GHz and UMTS radio 2.1 GHz in several test series:

The exposure times were 45 minutes, 90 minutes and 135 minutes. This means that neither the investigator nor the test person knew whether the antenna is radiating or not, whether a real or only apparent placebo exposure was carried out. The field strength was 1 V / m, which corresponds to a power flux density of 300 nW / cm², radiation that is reached in the main beam of a 15 watt antenna in about 150 m.

This study then came to the following conclusion:

Interestingly, both the electrosensitive and the non-electrosensitive group under UMTS radiation showed a significant increase in disorders of the “cognitive abilities”, such as slower reaction times, significantly reduced visual recognition, attention and memory performance, etc. Furthermore, symptoms became more vegetative Well-being or “disorders of well-being” investigated, which according to the WHO definition, have to be regarded as an essential part of health.

Animals do not lie or argue

In addition to those who are electro-sensitive, what happens to animals that are led into an area that is exposed to radio waves? The setup is that neither the animal nor the accompanying electrosensitive person can see the transmission tower in the dense forest, while the heart rate of both “test objects” is measured on this hike in “untouched” but radio-contaminated nature. The fact that the heart rate increases in the vicinity of cell phone masts was demonstrated by the electro-sensitive Ulrich Weiner, who is quite well-known in Germany, under the eyes of the cameras in a “Galileo TV program” in 2018. Unfortunately, this is not mentioned or taken into account by researchers and advocates of the nocebo effect.

Food for thought

If we take the idea of ​​a nocebo effect even further, then all of the possible side effects of tablets described on the package inserts should or could also trigger a nocebo effect. Or negative and brutal TV shows including the famous Friday crime thriller. What then thousands – like the EH-sensitive people – would have to suffer from neuroses. Nevertheless, we continue to enjoy these “nocebos” to the fullest. It is impossible to imagine what images of great terrorist attacks (can) trigger in us, as they were massively broadcast after September 11th. We are also “vaccinated” in advertising in doctors’ surgeries every day (as a nocebo); Read about risks and side effects …

So we see with such statements we are walking a fine line of scientific evidence of an allegedly non-existent electro-hypersensitivity.

The creeping danger

At the same time, both the radio density and the electronically networked devices or components are ever increasing. From a simple car to an electronically controlled refrigerator or radio alarm clock accurate to the second, cordless telephones and much more. – It will soon be impossible to escape from the completely networked world formulated as a declared goal.

Our children are now growing up with it and are already brought into contact with technical frequencies in the womb. Which is why we now have the responsibility to deal with it thoroughly and comprehensively and to ask what will become of our world and future, in which the use of progress already produces new forms of addictions and rubs off on our children through us.

Fig. 5: Child with cell phone, source

Dealing with scientific evidence

Perhaps it makes sense at this point to take a closer look at the effects of mobile communications. A distinction must be made here between:

  1. Thermal effects and studies that are publicly used to spread cellular technology worldwide. The heating of body tissue at a distance from a radiation source such as a cell phone mast is measured. On what the official limit values ​​and arguments of harmlessness are based.
  1. nonthermal effects and research. This Influences cell communication, heart rhythm, blood values, sleep behavior, genes, the blood-brain barrier, the development of cancer or the production of ATP, a nucleotide that is responsible for the calcium level and energy supplier in the cells. It has been very well researched and documented for decades.

The lack of energy caused by too much screen work, mobile phone consumption or radio radiation (e-smog) due to the loss of ATP and the resulting states of exhaustion are extremely interesting as they are related to the areas of electrosensitivity or burn-out and can be measured.

The REFLEX study – a turning point in the discussion!

One of these studies, which has actually been confirmed by a court and funded by the EU-funded REFLEX study by Prof. Dr. Franz Adlkofer from 2004 is worth mentioning. It explains the following:

The European study REFLEX (2004) was carried out on behalf of the EU by 12 institutions for a total budget of 3 million euros. Study results show that even at a SAR value of 1.3 W / kg (typical for many cell phones), significant biological damage is caused to human cells and especially to the DNA. The key point is that the non-thermal effects of 2G radiation (GSM), 3G radiation (UMTS) and magnetic fields from electrical systems and devices have finally been structurally investigated. The effect of electromagnetic radiation from these sources is very similar to that of X-rays. This is remarkable because many physicists still insist that high frequency electromagnetic radiation (cellular communications) cannot cause damage to DNA due to its non-ionizing nature.

With completion of this piece of work, Prof. Adlkofer and his international team, consisting of twelve research groups from seven countries that accompanied the study, made no friends. As was the case in 1995 with Professor Ley from the University of Washington or George Carlo with the large-scale WTR study by the interest group of the mobile communications industry CTIA.

After all, we live in a world that wants to equip the earth-based globe with radio transmitters and receivers free of blind spots. There were already more mobile phone contracts than residents in some regions of the world in 2013 (Martin Gropp, Frankfurter Allgemeine, June 4th, 2013) and the smartphone or cell phone has since taken on a huge and steadily growing role in the digitally networked society.

Trials for the Truth

Wie groß die Unwissenheit oder Angst der Lobby vor einer − zugegeben und faktisch bewiesenen − schädlichen Wirkung der alltäglich genutzten Funkstrahlung ist, zeigt uns die Tatsache, dass um Mobilfunkstudien sogar Gerichtsprozesse geführt werden. So war Prof. Adlkofer nicht der erste, der Prozesse wegen Fälschungsanschuldigungen gegen den mobilfunknahen Prof. Lerchl des BfS (Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz) führte. Den dieser nach 12-jähriger kosten- und nerven-aufreibender Auseinandersetzung bis zur letzten gerichtlichen Instanz vor dem obersten Gericht glücklicherweise dennoch gewann.

Auch Forscher, wie George Carlo setzten sich erfolgreich in Prozessen sogar gegen die gesamte Mobilfunkindustrie, die ihn ursprünglich sogar mit einer 25-Millionen-Dollar-Studie beauftragt hatte, in vielen Jahren zähen Ringens um die Wahrheit vor Gericht durch. Wobei ihm der Chef des Industrieverbandes CTIA unmissverständlich zu verstehen gegeben haben soll: „Wenn du Erfolg hast, werde ich erfolgreich sein. Wenn du versagst, werde ich versagen.“

The positive aspect of court rulings critical of mobile communications

Undoubtedly, such practices deter honest researchers from dealing publicly and critically with the subject. Do they have to reckon with reprisals, lawsuits or even, like Prof. Semm, a former Telekom employee, with job losses.

These court rulings in favor of great research and sincere researchers, however, also officially confirm that cell phones and cell phone use cause genetic damage or many other ailments and can thus trigger cancer and tumor formation in the long term. Because cell and DNA damage are the precursors to cancer development. Which, in turn, indirectly or directly confirms EHS and all the symptoms that go with it.

So it is not surprising that the follow-up projects to the REFLEX study by Professor Wilhelm Mosgöller from the Institute for Cancer Research at the Medical University of Vienna confirm his results again in parallel to the public falsification allegations against Prof. Adlkofer. Just like the American NTP study from 2016, the Ramazzini study by the University of Bologna (2016) or the Austrian AUVA study.

The truth and its consequences

Would you agree that the above should bring up a big and public discussion? But has it actually taken place? Or do we find discussions only in certain forums that approach the topic in a critical and controversial manner? If we – seen from the biblical point of view – are recognized by our deeds, what would the goddess Justitia say here if we put truth, partial truth and false information in the same bucket?

Fig. 6: Justitia, source

Such court decisions are a great success for those really interested in clarification. It shows us that the truth wins over falsehood even in times of big data.


The verdict is of enormous importance for all people who have been grappling with the health effects of mobile phone radiation for many years: On the one hand, scientists now have the opportunity to continue research based on the REFLEX study. On the other hand, it is now a matter of promoting education about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation on the body.

Ignorance and the underestimated danger

In conclusion, there are many underestimated potential dangers in global thinking, because  many, or even the majority of people, think that they are fine and they can cope with it. Or at least they should see people get sick from it. Or feel any of it. In addition, the public network operators or authorities and offices would also have to inform us about this.

After all, these renowned research institutes work for themselves. Unfortunately, what is often forgotten is that they do research with positive results for mobile communications, only recognize thermal effects, and are often “networked” with the network operators. That way they are not always independent / neutral because they receive financial support. We do not see those affected by EHS because they live and suffer in the last dead spots far from our networked (thought) world. Shockingly, Germany now uses 5G to approve radiation exposure from previously 5 V / m to up to 61 V / m as harmless to health, instead of enormously reducing it.

When setting the limit values, it is interesting that in countries such as Switzerland or Italy these are classified as harmless to health at 6 V / m. So “harmless to health” is something that can be negotiated individually. What happens instead is that the countries tend to orient themselves more or less towards the agenda of the industry instead of the wishes of the population.

The life and struggle of those affected by EHS

Fortunately, the EHS sufferers don’t give up. They fight using poster campaigns or even hunger strikes against the global network expansion and an ever increasing density and strength. You can experience firsthand what health complaints our technology causes them.

A young couple is happy about their newborn baby, but happiness was overshadowed by fear when the baby suddenly had severe epileptic seizures. It was life-threatening every time, and they had to drive to the hospital to the emergency room … One day the mother discovered a strange installation on the house opposite their property. Someone explained that it was a UMTS cellular antenna. She began to wonder if this antenna could be the cause of the seizures and asked an expert who confirmed that there is already research to suggest this. The parents were advised to try a low-radiation place with their child and not to take any cell phones or other electronic devices there with them. They did, and the seizures immediately stopped.

(Dr. Gunilla Ladberg: A beautiful prison – on the run from electricity and cell phone radiation, p. 49 / Distribution via Bürgerwelle e.V.)

Fig. 6: Poster campaign for the officially not yet recognized Electro-sensitive Day on June 16, 2021 Source: With the kind permission of D. Roloff / Friedensinitiative Dresden

Thousands, even millions of people are already having similar, more or less terrible experiences with our technology. Babies, like animals or insects, (cannot) lead scientific legal proceedings and practice shows the electro-sensitive people that they get better when the sources of interference have been eliminated.

Questions for a world that will soon be completely networked

Of course, nobody wants them or their child to be affected. But in the age of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the danger has latently increased many times over. This raises more and more questions, for example:

  • how we as a society (want to) deal with it
  • where those affected should live in a completely networked world today in order to remain part of society,
  • how this apparently growing, unknown group is supposed to make a living
  • And when do we start to take the matter a little more seriously and to tackle the topic scientifically, factually and politically-publicly?

Quote from an EHS sufferer:

Björn: There is a constant threat from neighbors and friends, because you never know when they will come and whether they will have something with them that you cannot tolerate. And it can happen that neighbors walk across our property with their mobile phones switched on and want to test whether we really react. Imagine that this is how you would deal with a nut allergy sufferer. Smuggle nuts into the food to test whether it will make him sick … You are just a piece of fair game.

(Dr. Gunilla Ladberg: A beautiful prison – on the run from electricity and cell phone radiation, p. 48 / distribution via Bürgerwelle e.V.)

Not only the authorities, politicians, network operators or health organizations or many doctors are therefore in a latent state of ignorance regarding the growing sensitivity of the population to retail, but also the simple neighbor. Whichever one turns on the cell phone for fun to see whether the person affected by EHS really shows reactions. We ourselves could soon be the next affected.

Family and financial challenges for EHS sufferers

In addition, EHS sufferers not only have to struggle with physical suffering, but often also experience being excluded from society or even within their own families. Although the fundamental rights of every citizen have been established in the UN Convention on Human Rights, such as:

  • the right to life, liberty and security of person (Article 3)
  • no one may be subjected to torture or cruel degrading treatment or punishment (Article 5)
  • Nobody may be exposed to arbitrary interference in his private life, his family, his home … or everyone has the right to legal protection against such interference and interference … (Article 12)
  • everyone has the right to move freely within a state and to freely choose his or her place of residence (Article 13)

But do millions of people with EHS really have these rights?

What do these rights mean for an electro-sensitive person? “Personal safety” when exposed to radiation that can make you sick? – “Free mobility” when you can no longer travel in an ordinary means of transport? – “Freedom of movement” when you can hardly find a place where you can live? – Nobody is allowed to be “treated in a degrading way” – what should we call the behavior of doctors and officials, about which many of my friends reported?

(Dr. Gunilla Ladberg: A beautiful prison – on the run from electricity and mobile phone radiation, p. 72 / distribution via Bürgerwelle e.V.)

In addition, there is often financial ruin for those affected by EHS. Since the clinical picture is officially denied, they get no help from the state. Even those who own a home or savings will soon use them up on looking for a place to live, moving, or living expenses. Getting sick pay from insurance companies when EHS is officially denied as an illness is also a struggle for EHS sufferers.

There is also tension within the family for those affected by EHS. After all, who would want to do without smartphones, laptops, Facebook, online ordering, marketing, banking and online business in the age of the covid-related changeover to digitization of all areas of life? Who just wants to sit with candles, don’t play, and miss the latest news like the 8 p.m. news on TV? Or do without electronics in the latest car?

And yet, as already mentioned, we could soon all be among those affected, having to completely redefine our lives, our relationships and our place in society.


With the network expansion, we are exposed to a creeping, constantly growing risk of becoming EH-sensitive.

After all, the radio density is increasing and the number of electronically networked devices or components is increasing. From simple cars to refrigerators or radio alarm clocks accurate to the second, cordless telephones; There will soon be no escape from the completely networked world formulated as a declared goal. What will increase the abolition of cash, online trading and the switch to home office.

The studies of the EHS critics show considerable deficiencies and are based only on symptoms, external thermal effects or effects that are allegedly caused by imagination that influences the body.

In fact, the internal effects on cells or changes in the blood count, etc., as demonstrated by the REFLEX study, should also be included here. Cell damage caused by cell phone or DECT phone radiation is very likely to cause immune deficiency, which is why we feel exhausted after long screen work. This immune deficiency in turn causes a whole series of side effects that occur with hypersensitivity and have been perceived for a long time. Since the complaints usually disappear when the radiation sources are shielded, neutralized or switched off, a significant connection between technology and health can be seen here.

This is why, in the age of all-pervasive radio networks, it is essential to initiate countermeasures.

Countermeasures: What We Can Do

1. Acquire knowledge

The first and most important goal is of course the acquisition of knowledge about the pros and cons of our radio technology, which has been harmful since its introduction. As  without knowledge of the harmful effects, one simply cannot take countermeasures.

2. Openness

Of course, this requires a certain intellectual maturity and openness to deal with the topic in more depth and controversially. If the will is not there to deal with the negative effects, the best arguments are useless. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal of willingness to provide clarification in this area, as the ongoing expansion of the network and the networking of all things (Internet of Things) give the impression that this is a harmless technology. But comprehensive, serious studies such as the REFLEX study show that it is NOT!

3. The willingness to rethink

After we are open to deal with it neutrally, controversially and critically and have looked at and available knowledge from all available perspectives and studies, the desire for change is naturally born, provided that we believe the critics of the mobile phone issue and not the whitewashers. For the latter, cancer occurs in rats but is not likely in humans. Those critics do not belong to the people who symbolically celebrate on the Titanic until their last breath while the ship has struck a leak. And the huge ship of mobile communications, which with 5G now wants to penetrate all areas of life on which our civilization is based, also has leaks. These are – I emphasize it again – to be found in the non-thermal effects. Anyone who ignores this is grossly negligent.

When the open person and theoretician are equipped with knowledge, they will look around and ask what they can do for themselves, their loved ones or the living beings entrusted to them to protect themselves, and will come across various possibilities:

4. Escape

One way, of course, would be to simply flee to radio-free areas. But this, referencing the last article on the satellites in Earth orbit, will soon no longer exist. The visionary “Elon Musk” seems obsessed with putting the Earth “in a microwave oven”.

5. Returning to a time without radio exposure?

More and more people are longing for a more natural way of being. Getting out or the US off-the-grid movement has become a trend around the world. The photographer and author Eric Valli was amazed at the great countermovement that is taking place here in the age of the Internet of Things. So are we living in an age of incipient conversion to the simple? Where more and more people don’t want to go along with the hype of digitization? Leading AI developers like Max Tegmark also see this possibility as a probability.

6. Shielding and neutralization

A third way would be to shield everything that radiates – as we do in space stations. There is such a wide range of developments and possibilities here, from protective coatings to curtains, which are patented and commercially available and promise relief that it would go beyond the scope to list everything here. But what shows us that a large number of developers are already active who take the area of ​​e-smog neutralization and health seriously.

7. Strengthen the immune system

We know from medicine and research that a strong immune system is the key to health. Another way to deal with increasing radiation exposure would be to turn the immune system into a strong, impregnable fortress. High-dose dietary supplements or other energizing things are certainly beneficial here. Again, there is a large selection and I leave it to the reader to deal with it.

8. Set up radio-free protection zones and e-smog-neutral or radiation-free locations

The Professor Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Kühling proposes in his paper published in 2021 under the title “Using planning guidelines to implement the precaution against cell phone radiation in a binding manner at community level” to integrate radio-free zones into the network expansion.

That would at least have the advantage that our body gets the opportunity to recover a little from the constant stress of a completely networked world. If we return to areas that are again irradiated, the stress would of course start all over again, as it is called colloquially.

9. Super-fast fiber optic cable instead of countless radio masts

Fiber optic cables would be an alternative to the 5G radio network. It has enormous bandwidths and doesn’t have to hide behind 5G to 9G that are in the planning stage. The Greens are calling for both to be expanded. B. in a position paper on the election from 2018, which provides for a nationwide 5G expansion and a nationwide fiber optic network: “[…] We want nationwide expansion of the fiber optic infrastructure and nationwide 5G expansion within the next ten years.”

Which shows us that politicians recognize that you can surf super-fast with fiber optics. And it’s not that bad in terms of health either.

10. Modulation of a harmful technology into a harmless one

Another point would be if we were to turn unnatural radiation, such as the artificial microwave radio, invented by humans for only 100 years, into a natural, biologically more manageable, not sharply pulsed, but gentler technology. A technology to which we – like nature and all living beings – have been adapted for millions of years. What is possible if we replace today’s technology (Technics) with Sferics? I am currently writing a new book about what it is and how it could be possible. It will hopefully appear soon (mid 2022).

This point would be  a personal favorite because we could neutralize such harmful information and convert it into information (s-technology) that is more biologically manageable for all life. We could combine technological progress with ecological sustainability, staying in tune with the times and all the sapping of energy about technological progress and health hazards could come to an end. Which could possibly bring countless electro-sensitive people back to their place in society. This technology already exists, but is little or no known or made public and used, which is why there is a great need for knowledge about this.

Bio 5G_Buchcover, Maik Lindner

Fig. 7: Book cover of Maik Lindner’s new book

Exotic opportunities that could one day make 5G redundant

In addition, there are a whole range of exotic-looking options that might one day soon make mobile communications completely superfluous. Which I also mention in my book 5G cellular networks:

Hypercommunication would be such a possibility, which, for instance, is practised by termites and is also inherent in us. Scientists found that termites continue to work if you remove the queen from the burrow, but immediately stop all work if you kill her. Or that human twins or closely connected people are more inclined to telepathy. Well-known scientists such as Dieter Broers (Dieter Broers; Solarrevolution, DVD documentation 2012, ASIN: 3955500012) are of the opinion today that we are living in a time in which all of this is coming to us. Which ultimately makes sense of the 5G network, since according to these researchers, people of the future will be more of a spiritual than a technical nature.

Teleportation, traveling at the speed of light, anti-gravity propulsion – anyone who deals with them realizes that they are also busily researched today. That, too, could soon overshadow our fixed reality of a global or galactic 5G network expansion.

To die for our future is far from being cast.

Best regards

Maik Lindner

5G-Mobilfunknetze_Buchcover, Maik Lindner

Fig. 8: Book cover 1st book by Maik Lindner

In autumn 2020 Maik Lindner’s non-fiction book “5G-Mobilfunknetze”, which is also easy to understand for lay people, was published, which is considered a comprehensively researched standard work on the subject of 5G and mobile communications and shows new perspectives.



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