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We have been producing EMF protection products since  2014. In the process, we have already delivered approx. 25,000 Qi maschines to satisfied customers in 36 countries on 6 continents. We currently support our 14 active partners, and have built a distribution and sales network which we are dedicated to continually grow.

Waveguard Sales Partner We are looking for you

Are you between 30 and 50 years old? Are you committed and reliable? Do you have a talent for sales? Are you also aware of the health and wellbeing risks related to the effects of electrosmog? Are you familiar with our EMF protection products or would you like to find out more about them? Then we would like to get to know you and invite you to explore options around sales partnership with us. Contact us to start a conversation. Apart from flexible planning, regular team meetings, training courses and comprehensive support provided by our sales team, you will be able to benefit from our attractive commission programmes and discounts.

Discover what’s possible Waveguard Sales Partner Programmes

As our sales representative, you will be a competent and experienced contact person for potential customers, providing them with support and sharing information on the devices. Your role is to mediate purchases. For every purchase, you will receive a commission on the net sales price, which can increase with the total sales volume.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard sales representative:

  • Standing business registration;
  • Training participation;
  • Support to potential and standing customers;
  • Submitting orders to Waveguard;
  • Organising consultations and information events at your location;
  • Waveguard sends the products to the customer;
  • Waveguard is responsible for invoicing the customer.

As a dealer, you will provide support and assistance to customers interested in our products. You can sell the devices directly to your customer base at the price set by Waveguard. To be able to do this, you purchase of the Qi products from us in advance, benefiting from a dealer’s discount.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard dealer:

  • Standing business registration;
  • Training participation;
  • Increased purchase discount with increased sales volume = higher profit margin;
  • Responsibility to carry liability and invoice your customers directly;
  • Direct point of contact for your customers – including returns;
  • Waveguard is liable for the functionality of the devices;

As an exclusive partner, you will have exclusive sales rights in your country or area. You will benefit from more favourable purchase conditions and you will be able to sell the Qi products as part of your own business.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard exclusive partner:

  • Standing business registration;
  • Exclusive contract and sales rights in the respective country or area;
  • Exclusive conditions through your purchase agreement with Waveguard;

As our affiliate partner, you will enter into an advertising contract with us. You will receive an affiliate link and a Waveguard shop coupon code for advertising our products.

Your rights & obligations as a Waveguard affiliate partner:

  • Standing business registration;
  • Advertising contract with Waveguard
  • Commissions for products sold with affiliate link / coupon code
  • 2 to 3 social media posts / week, period of 4 weeks

Register as a Sales Partner

Do you want to become our sales partner? Simply fill in and submit our online registration form. We will contact you directly to discuss the next steps.