The aluminum hat – a code for conspiracy theories?

The aluminum hat has fallen into disrepute over the past ten years.  Where 100 years ago it was considered a symbol of critical thinking, now it’s a symbol of conspiracy theorists. How did this change come about?

Interesting facts about aluminum

Aluminium in Nature

In addition to oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the third most common element in the Earth’s crust. Although it mostly occurs in nature in a bound form, it is released by acid rain or industrial influences, finding its way into the environment and food.

Properties of aluminum


  • is suitable as an oxygen and moisture barrier,
  • is cold and heat resistant (insulates against temperature fluctuations),
  • light and recyclable.

Because of these properties, it has been very popular in households as a packaging material and kitchen aid for almost 100 years.

Aluminum hazard

Aluminum can get into the body through food or cosmetics. Long term high exposure to aluminium can damage the nervous system, fertility or bone development. The European Food Safety Authority has therefore set 1 mg aluminum / kg body weight as the maximum intake per week. As a precautionary measure, minimise your aluminum intake. This is achieved above all by handling alu objects correctly and avoiding certain cosmetics. In addition, you should not bring acidic foods into contact with alu foil, as this allows alu to get into the food.

This is how aluminum foil is made

The commercially available alu foil is about 0.02 mm thick. For this, aluminum is pressed several times through rollers, with two foils pressed at the same time in the final phase. Since only one side comes into contact with the polished rollers, there is a glossy and a matt side of the film.

What is an aluminum hat

Usually it is a centimeter thick and folded from standard alu foil. You can make it yourself or buy it on the Internet.

Where did the alu hat first appear?

One of the earliest references to the aluminum hat can be found in a book by the British born John G. Palfrey (1875-1945). In 1909 he wrote of an “insulating electrical device” that “surrounds the head while thinking”. Its purpose was the “retention of thoughts and ideas” as well as protection from “telepathic impact”.

The most prominent first mention of the aluminum hat can be traced back to Sir Julian Huxley (1887-1975). Huxley was a co-founder and first secretary general of UNESCO, a behavioral researcher and he was also instrumental in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He was active as a writer. In 1927 Huxley wrote the science fiction story The Tissue-Culture King. In this short story, the aluminum hat symbolizes the need for serious criticism of science: a British explorer lands in an African country. A king who rules there tries to control the population with genetic experiments. In doing so, he develops the technique of telepathy, through which the protagonist feels trapped. To protect himself from the king’s mind manipulation, he makes an aluminum hat and wears it during his escape.

How the meaning of the aluminum hat changed

Since the new millennium, the aluminum hat is no longer a symbol of autonomy, but a masquerade of weird conspiracy theorists. The voices of constructive criticisms are shut down and the alu hat is misused. It seems that it symbolises the struggle for truth and the difference between well-founded criticism of science and bizarre agitation.

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Who wears an alu hat today?

Some people see the aluminum hat as a way to protect them from harmful radiation (cosmic, electromagnetic or telepathic). The “one that wears an aluminum hat” was therefore reinterpreted as a derogatory collective term for believers in conspiracies. As a result, critics use it to signal their displeasure with conspiracy myths.

What is the “golden aluminum hat”?

The “Golden Aluminum Hat” is increasingly appearing on social media. This is a Berlin initiative against conspiracy theories founded by Giulia Silberberger in 2014. Her goal is to make people aware not to believe everything on social networks. Silberberger posts the latest conspiracy theories on Facebook. She also speaks about fake news at schools and awards the “Golden Aluminium Hat” award every year.

What does science say about the alu hat?

Can the aluminum hat serve as a protective shield against electrosmog or other types of radiation? The answer is not straight forward. You can’t use it to ward off telepathy or satellite detection, but you can shield against two types of radiation. Prof. Dr. Rolf Michel, Institute for Radioecology and Radiation Protection at Leibniz University Hannover: “An aluminum hat protects the scalp against external alpha radiation. It can also protect against beta radiation if the film is thick enough. One centimeter is recommended. ”It also prevents sunburn, for instance, so it is a useful remedy for the radiation from the sun. It doesn’t protect against “burns from the hot metal” in the event of “high and long-term solar radiation.”

Dr. Ursula Streubühr, an expert at the test center for radiation protection in Duisburg, recalls the protective function of alu products. Aluminum is used to reduce the harmful effects of ionizing radiation on the human body, when using X-rays for medical exams, for instance. When asked what the alu hat can do, the radiation protection expert replies: “In reality, it has an effect for me: It keeps the head warm, protects it from moisture and provides shade.”

We don’t let the aluminum hat in

At Waveguard, we have been confronted with the alu hat several times lately. But let’s not let this be put on our heads. We use reputable scientific sources to educate the public about electrosmog and 5G. This is not a conspiracy theory. Numerous scientific studies prove the health risks caused by mobile phone and wifi radiation. We would like to help you with safe use of technology.

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Did you like this article? Follow the latest news on the subject of electrosmog in our Waveguard blog.


emf protection for your home
Free: Checklist for EMF protection in your home
Electrosmog can often trigger health related problems, such as sleep problems and lack of energy. What you’ll discover:
  • What is electrosmog and why it is so harmful to health;
  • How to mitigate EMF exposure;
  • Easy and effective protective measures to promote wellbeing of every member of your family.

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Anne Usadel

Anne Usadel

Anne Usadel M.A. studied literature and linguistics. Since then, she has worked as a freelance editor in the fields of art, culture and health. She has been researching the topic of electrosmog for Waveguard since 2015.

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