5G satellites – madness or miracle in Earth’s orbit?

5G satellites madness or miracle in Earth's orbit?

Thousands of satellites for the new 5G mobile communications standard are currently being shot into orbit alongside the millions of earth-based transmission systems. Supposedly to bring us all super-fast internet and a new era of incredible technological possibilities. There are no meaningful studies on long-term effects. So let’s take a closer look at the topic.

Elon Musk has a dream

In 2003, the billionaire Elon Musk announced that he would bring recyclable rockets and thousands of satellites into space. He was ridiculed for this at the time. In 2008 he was able to claim five percent of the world’s rocket launches with the SpaceX program he initiated.

Today, he is bringing thousands of satellites into orbit for 5G and no one laughs. He is described as a visionary, while Capital, a German online newspaper, reports on Musk’s Starlink program, being deployed around the globe.

The other side of the coin

Today, a part of the world’s population rejoices and can’t wait for the super-fast network, while another part begins to wonder a little more critically and with increasing resistance. Whether we are only opening Pandora’s box when it comes to the promised miracle.

Because even politicians and network operators or the Federal Ministry for Radiation Protection (BfS) have to admit that, in fact, there are no meaningful studies available when it comes to long-term effects of the new performance levels associated with 5G.

The President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Dr. Inge Paulini takes a critical point of view:

“The President of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Dr. Inge Paulini, called in March 2019 to investigate the health effects of 5G. ‘Significantly higher data transmission volumes, new and additional transmission systems and higher frequencies change the radiation intensities – these must be investigated.’ Although she emphasized that no health effects have been proven with 5G below the limit values, she criticized the fact that there are hardly any research results, especially in the area of ​​high frequencies.“

(Source: Innovationsforum magazine for brainstorming and product development / Issue 4/2020, p. 16: “5G – blessing or what? – We ask!”)

Additionally, the press portal www.t-online.de quotes the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS):

“The new 5G standard should also transmit in higher frequency bands for which only a few research results are available so far. The BfS sees a need for research here, also with regard to health effects.“

So are we currently playing technological Russian roulette while satellite after satellite are still being brought into orbit and we can still watch it live on the net?

Fig.: 5G satellites in earth orbit, source: https://satellitemap.space

Wisdom should triumph over ignorance

The visionary Stephen Hawking, who died in 2018, once said that we should think carefully before what we are doing with such powerful 5G based technologies as artificial intelligence. We may only have this one chance, which seems realistic when thinking about AI-controlled weapon systems (more on that in my book). He argued that wisdom wins, not ignorance. But is it really like that?

The division between science, politics and society

Basically, mobile communications and 5G divide society into supporters and opponents. Proponents claim there are no health hazards, no nonthermal effects, or long-term studies in certain areas. Also no evidence of forest deaths, bee deaths, miscarriages in animals, cancer, genetic defects in connection with the expansion of mobile telephony, etc.

In contrast, the opponents say these do indeed exist. On corresponding websites, such as www.funkwissen.org, www.emf-portal.org, www.diagnose-funk.org, www.kompetenzinitiative.net and others, you can find references to thousands of studies by serious researchers.

One of those studies was carried out by Prof. Adlkofer. He was the head of the EU-funded REFLEX study that came to a critical conclusion.

Prof. Adlkofer had to experience today, as then, that when it comes to mobile communications, which is generally considered to be harmless, fair play is not exactly being played. He even had to go to court to defend himself against false accusations.

Another of these many critical studies is the Salford study, which was able to demonstrate tumor formation in rats under mobile phone fire.

Fig.: central brain cross-section of an unirradiated control rat,  Source: https://www.gigaherz.ch/media/download/Salford-Uebersetzung.pdf

Abb.: central brain cross-section of an irradiated control rat,  Source: https://www.gigaherz.ch/media/download/Salford-Uebersetzung.pdf

Quotation about the Salford study:

“We cannot rule out that a whole generation of cell phone users may suffer negative effects after a few decades of (frequent) daily use, possibly even in their middle age.”

Such research results are still disputed and not recognized.

If you have a lot, you can lose a lot – the lobby’s fear

The lobby of the network operators and the Federal Ministry for Radiation Protection do not tell us that legal proceedings are being carried out and won against mobile communications at the moment.

We will only find out about it if we leave the path of general cell phone benevolence and delve deeper into the subject matter on websites expressing criticism around cell phones, as I did for my current 5G book project or this article.

This is understandable to a certain extent, considering that large claims for damages are (could) be asserted. This would reduce the enormous profit margin of the billion dollar mobile communications industry, but also the harmless scenario of politics and the military.

In addition, admitting harmfulness would not only create fear on all sides, but also bring consequences for all of us and the “beautiful, smart technological leap or carefree surfing with the smartphone” into disrepute.

It is known that a business-related constant phone user got a brain tumor by using a cell phone, and he enforced claims for damages in a sensational court case before the Supreme Court in Italy.

Ultimately, through all the pros and cons, we could come to the insight:

“We’re looking for the

Truth, we want to find it

only where it suits us.”

(Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach 1830-1916)

People in the smart network

The problem with mobile radio and the harmful mobile radio radiation emanating from it has been known for a long time. However, it is difficult for cell phone critics to assert themselves against a large social unacceptance or an overpowering lobby and to be heard.

This might well be due to the fact that the “beautiful, comfortable, smart world” propagated by the technocrats has lulled us with its many amenities.

In the age of digitization, nobody would like to do without smartphones, cell phones, the Internet or fully automated production systems, radio-controlled cars or remote-controlled drones. With their versatility, these should not only deliver parcel post, but also pollinate flowers as a robo-bee. Or even wage wars for us in the military field.

Prof. Dr. Semm and the courage to distance

Who would have the courage today like Prof. Dr. Peter Semm to refrain from cell phones and cellular communications as early as in 1999, because he didn’t want to expose himself to the harmful effects of this technology?

At that time, Semm had investigated mobile phone radiation and mobile communications for their health effects in studies on behalf of Telekom and came to very negative results. After repeating his results several times in order to rule out any errors, he gave away his cell phone and always kept four meters away from those on the phone.

And that at a time when mobile communications were not yet as powerful and densely networked.

Today, social media, with all its advantages and disadvantages, has a much more firm grip on us. Yes, even spawned a new disease: internet addiction! It is estimated that 560,000 to 1.5 million people are  online dependent in Germany alone.

But let’s go back to the story of Prof. Peter Semm, already well known around 1999 and taken up by the media. This is why Telekom urged him to revoke his results. After almost two years of dispute, he resigned. Almost no one wants to hear inconvenient truths. An interesting short film in which Sat1 gave a brief and concise report on him can still be found online at the time I am writing this.

If we do an in depth and comprehensive research, we will even find historically well-documented indications of the harmfulness of radio technology from the very beginning.

Critical studies since the 1930s

From a historical perspective, the ongoing, increasingly heated discussion began with the first radio masts in the 1930s: Dr. Erwin Schliephake’s research on radio wave syndrome from 1932 is good evidence of this. There he presented his work results in the shortwave area on June 15, 1936 in a lecture of the Berlin Medical Society. What was published in the German Medical Weekly (No. 32 / August 5, 1932).

Fig.: Image document / photo, article in the German Medical Weekly from August 3, 1932, with the kind permission of Prof. Dr. med. habil Karl Hecht

The big dilemma

The federal government and network operators tell us that everything is harmless and that there is no evidence of damage from mobile communications.

And researchers such as Dr. Barrie Trower, a former Royal Navy developer of microwave weapons who tested millimeter-wave weapon technology on humans, said we are likely to have more deaths than we can imagine from the long-term effects. Or, if the 5G network expansion is unchecked, in the future, every 7 out of 8 children will either be born dead or with genetic defects.

This is, of course, a terrifying statement if it were true.

It would be interesting to get more information from the military here. But that microwave weapon developers speak out, or that the military would give us open information about their developments, will probably only remain a dream, as nobody wants to gamble away their military advantage.

Criticism in view of global network expansion is less and less welcome

The open social discussion about the risks and possible damage of mobile communications, which was still carried out in the major media such as Sat1 in 1999, is experiencing a major turnaround in the age of digitization and the unlimited 5G network expansion planned in orbit and space.

Because the new Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG) ​​planned for September 1, 2017, which is actually intended to curb hate crimes, criminal fake news and other criminal content on social networks, is now increasingly preventing critical voices about mobile communications and 5G. At the same time, in the critical discussion that was openly conducted 20 years ago, the major leading media are falling silent more and more and prefer to emphasize the positive aspects of 5G. This creates a mostly one-sided positive public image.

So researchers and critics like Dr. Barry Trower only present their message on platforms that, like KlaTV, are decried as a sect or the spread of conspiracy theories, as YouTube deleted this terrifying information.

Fight for freedom of information, freedom of expression and open reporting

The legislation itself admits that the very strict law had to be relaxed a little when, shortly after the introduction of the NetzDG, a broad public alliance of industrial associations, journalists’ associations, civil rights movements and network policy initiatives came together and responded with great resistance to the loss of freedom of expression. (Human rights in the digital age: German Bundestag 2018, p. 20)

This shows a tendency to restrict freedom of expression, but still leave enough political leeway to remove anything that is not politically correct.

The crazy thing about the limits

Another striking curiosity about mobile communications and 5G is the issue with the limit values:

Because, on the whole, there is agreement around the world that they want to introduce 5G, but they are not so unanimous about the limit values.

It would certainly be very interesting to attend a public discussion in which experts from Germany, Italy or Switzerland, Belgium, France etc. could have their say. Since each of these countries has different, and in some cases much lower, limit values ​​for harmlessness to health. Other countries,such as Belgium, have even stopped the planned 5G expansion in Brussels because of strong concerns. This shows us that even the technocrats in the EU headquarters in Brussels are divided when it comes to the health concerns around 5G and are in some cases opposed to the planned network expansion.

So, today, the authorities, politicians and network operators in 5G-advocating countries approve a 5G cannonball of 61 V / m and countries critical of 5G fire “only” with rifle balls of 5 V / m or oppose this experiment for the time being because of the incalculable consequences of this experiment on the network expansion.

Regardless of these differences, at least Elon Musk holds up the flag of a uniform network expansion, as he continues to bring satellite after satellite into earth orbit, while a battle rages on in various countries over the highest possible limits.

Musk at least supplies the sky with uniform performance levels. Unfortunately, he cannot yet say what long-term health consequences his experiment will have. At least he lives the dream first.

Statements and counter-statements

Hence, we have a completely crazy world of studies and counter-studies, statements and counter-statements up to legally different limit values ​​in relation to mobile communications, which now also irradiate us with thousands of satellites in orbit. And supposedly know or don’t know what’s coming …

Thermal and non-thermal effects

At least one could clarify with all the confusion that those who do not come to any harmful results rely on thermal measurements. In other words, the heating of body tissue at a distance from cell phone or cell phone radiation. And those that have adverse effects are based on non-thermal effects. In other words, the effect on cells, genes, blood, brain activity, sleep, heart rhythm … this aspect is often not discussed in public discourse. Non-thermal research results are then disputed quite loudly and thermal measurements kept high in order to justify the further harmlessness.

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The root of the confusion that has persisted to this day

According to Prof. Dr. Adlkofer, the former head of the EU-funded and now of course heavily criticized REFLEX study, it was already in 1953 when the military realized that technology like radio or radar is not as harmless in terms of its health effects as assumed. Even then, and not just now, they found themselves facing a great dilemma.

The solution to the problem of the negative effects of radio waves was presented to the US military by the German physicist Dr. Paul Hermann Schwan (August 7th, 1915- March 17th, 2005), who immigrated to the USA in 1947. Prof. Adlkofer reported it to me in a phone call at the end of 2020. According to  his words, Schwan proposed the following public explanatory model to the dismayed military, which is still used today:

“The high frequency only works through the effect of heat. There is no other effect because it violates the laws of physics!”

The military adopted this guiding principle for handling the uncomfortable radio only too willingly and later, of course, the network operators and politicians as mobile radio, GPS etc. – originally coming from the military – became more and more popular in the civil sector.

Which is why any other effect is denied to this day and thus the gap between supporters and opponents is growing ever larger.

The bumpy search for a middle ground

With its publication on the topic of mobile telephony, the WHO was probably looking for the middle ground, without having to clearly decide which side to take, by taking all available studies from “non-carcinogenic to carcinogenic” and using them to formulate the much-cited note “possibly carcinogenic”.

However, there is still a latent risk of cancer. What we tend to forget when we surf the net of unlimited possibilities.

So we actually use the phone at our own risk. This is why, interestingly, cell phone damage is also not insurable, as anyone would quickly come across when delving deeper into the topic, as I did for my extensively researched 5G book project.

Warnings have been negated, played down and not taken seriously for decades

For decades, scientists, doctors and independent researchers have been warning of the dangers of the meanwhile widespread mobile phone technology, which now wants to bless us with its advantages or bombard us with its disadvantages across the board from above, depending on which perspective we take.

For instance, the Freiburg Appeal, an amalgamation of numerous practising doctors and the German Medical Association. Since 2002 – then with around 1,200 signatories, today in an international appeal with over 31,000 supporters – unheard of appeals to the federal government to stop the expansion of mobile communications. Because their experiences with patients who suffered from far-reaching health disorders showed that the numerous complaints disappeared when the radio sources (DSL router, cell phone, cell phone mast, etc.) were switched off or removed.

At the same time, the topic of millions of people who are electrosensitive in Germany alone is worth discussing. Those who, already without high-performance 5G networks, seek refuge in the last remaining radio gaps and proclaimed an international day of electrosensitivity on June 16 to commemorate a growing population group that politicians and network operators do not like to discuss.

Incidentally, this includes more and more highly qualified specialists who have to struggle with more and more technology, complaining of exhaustion.

Burnout, the newly recognized widespread disease, has now also arrived in society and medicine. Although it is interesting that burnout and electrosensitivity show a striking number of parallels, no one here besides the doctors of the Freiburg appeal dares to make a comparison.

Could it be that, in some cases, burnout is triggered by increased e-smog exposure, such as that emitted by mobile communications in addition to technical devices?

And if that’s the case, what can we expect from 5G, the smart networks, intelligent houses, fully automated production systems, and also thousands of satellites in orbit, which will soon be broadcasting non-stop at frequencies of which we do not yet know anything about our health?

Tree and species extinction due to mobile communications and 5G?

The topic of tree death, insect death and other effects of mobile communications, which independent courageous researchers such as Prof. Schorpp or Dr. Documenting Waldmann-Selsam has not yet been addressed. Trees, insects or animals cannot lead scientific debates about right or wrong, but simply react to high frequencies.

So what will happen to us and our planet if we now bombard all life from below and from above in a grid-like manner and 24 hours a day at an unprecedented level with high frequencies that will later reach up to 10 times the current power levels or even the radar range?

The honest answer is: We don’t (yet) know!

All in all, we should slowly realize that something is not quite right here. As critics rightly note, despite health concerns, we are prepared to take any risk, just to place more and more transmitter masts and satellites in earth orbit in order to convert this planet into some kind of giant cell tower globe.


Conclusion: technical progress above all else?

Today we live in a world in which technical progress takes precedence over everything else. Although scientists and developers, such as Dr. Florian König, object that before a new technology is introduced, it should first be checked for its long-term effects, they do not get enough attention. Districts such as Tutzing, entire regions in Italy or the EU headquarters in Brussels say no to the 5G network expansion until all of this has been researched more.

It is thought-provoking that, as we have just seen, we already have health problems with the forerunners of 5G such as 2G / 3G / 4G. And now want to envelop the whole world with unprecedented frequencies from the North Pole to the South Pole.

Despite this fact, the proponents formulate their criticism with striking monotony: One should do more research into this matter, but should not be so hysterical about the whole thing. After all, there are legal guidelines and limit values ​​and these are basically observed, and there is no empirical evidence regarding the non-thermal effect so far.

Artificial frequencies that are unshielded and meet natural, ecological systems

Isn’t it interesting that we completely shield the domestic microwave oven, which works with around 2.5 GHz (Gigaherz) power, but not the cell phone mast around the corner, which works with as much or more power, letting the radiation run free here? Is there a red zone in which a person is only allowed to stay a few minutes at a short distance from the mast?

At the same time, 5G progress without limits must not be halted. And so we are bringing microwave technology, which can be screwed up to radar to be placed everywhere: on earth, in earth orbit and in the future also on the moon or Mars. After all, the lunar or Mars robot should have good reception, work smoothly and spark clean images if it soon sets up new outposts or well-networked cities ready our arrival.

The constantly accelerating system

A time when everything is getting faster and faster and burnout has become a widespread disease. We are quickly whitewashed with the advantages of the super-fast network, while experts are wondering why this could be. And commercial companies continue to want to maximize their profits even more through the 5G expansion. Discussions around preparing 6G, 7G, 8G and 9G in parallel to 5G have already started.

Robots: the future on earth and in space?

These human gaps should or will soon be filled by AI-controlled robots, since we humans are already reaching our capacities. Robots are easier to maintain, can be used universally, solve the skills shortage problem, don’t need coffee breaks and don’t demand more pay for more work. They are simply more programmable than humans who insist on data protection. Although the beginnings of a programmed human being are already recognisable, since we move back and forth in recurring patterns every day …

But there is no room for philosophy in the age of algorithms and Industry 4.0. And so perhaps these will soon be forgotten, since chess computers have already mastered the game of life from pawn or king much better.

But what would the alternatives be in this scenario?

  • Do we opt out of this luxury and live again like in the days of the steam engines, when everything was even more “comfortable” but also much more strenuous?
  • Or, like the electro-sensitive people, do we flee into the last remaining dead spots, which are (should) be closed more and more at the urging of politicians and network operators?
  • Do we plan for radio-free zones in cities right next to the 5G network expansion, as Professor Dr. Ing.Wilfried Kühling published in his paper published in 2021 under the title “Implementing the precaution against mobile phone radiation bindingly at community level with planning guidelines”?
  • Wear shielding clothing developed by the military or seek refuge in underground bunkers?
  • Your house, bedrooms, work spaces … covere with protective coatings, special protective curtains developed by the army, protective stickers or protective containers?
  • Strengthen the immune system so that radiation, regardless of the amount, can no longer influence us?
  • Or would the wisest way to tackle the problem be at its root? In other words, can we remodulate a microwave technology that does not conform to nature, as we use it every day, into a natural technology? With which technological progress, people and nature would be brought back into harmony. And the whole discussion about the harmfulness of mobile communications could come to an end.

5G-Mobilfunkmasten_Buch_Maik Lindner

But what technology could that be? In addition, dear readers, I am already writing something in my book “5G-Mobilfunknetze”. I would like to say a few more words later – in a new book project. As wherever there are questions there must be answers.

Sincerely, Maik Lindner

In autumn 2020 Maik Lindner’s non-fiction book, designed to be understood by a layperson. It’s called “5G-Mobilfunknetze”, and it is considered a comprehensively researched standard work on the subject of 5G and mobile communications, presenting new perspectives.



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