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Everything resonates: human beings and the environment are always in direct frequency exchange. Every body needs natural waves to stay in balance. It is the unnatural frequencies, on the other hand, that disturb this harmony, which can be the cause of headaches, fatigue or sleep problems.

More exercise and a balanced diet create a good foundation for balance. Relaxation and mindfulness techniques as well as the reduction of electromagnetic radiation can further promote your energy, concentration and relaxation.

Are you looking for more resonance in your life? Then you have come to the right place. We can advise you on the alternative solutions that are right for you. We have also developed Qi technology, which works with natural frequencies,  and is the elixir of all our Qi devices.

EMF protection & healthy lifestyle Your benefits with Waveguard

THE QI TECHNOLOGYOur bestseller: the Qi-Shield

The Qi-Shield is the perfect introduction to Qi technology, both mobile and stationary. Carry it with you everywhere – at home, in the office or even when travelling.

Test the Qi-Shield without obligation with our money-back guarantee. This allows you to try out the device for 30 days without risk. No ifs and buts.

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EMF-Schutz Mobile mit dem Qi-Mobile von Waveguard


EMF-Schutz Basic mit dem Qi-Home Cell von Waveguard


EMF-Schutz Premium mit dem Qi-Max von Waveguard


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THE QI TECHNOLOGYYour advantages with Qi technology


We are happy to be there for you, answer all your questions about your personal EMF protection and advise you on purchasing your products. Get in touch!

30 days money-back guarantee

We'll give you enough time to try it out. If you are unsatisfied, return your product to us within 30 days and get a full refund. Use our revocation form for this purpose.

Simple application

Our technology works without electricity. You only need to place your stationary device in a central location or carry your mobile device close to your body. You can find more information in our FAQ.


Various studies, for example from the BION and Dartsch Institutes, have investigated the effectiveness of Qi devices. Read for yourself.


Our Qi devices have a lifespan of approx. 5 to 8 years. We then check the effectiveness and regenerate it free of charge!

Quality made in Germany

We use first-class materials for our products and manufacture them carefully by hand.

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Review & do good

For every Google review received, Waveguard has two trees planted in Ecuador on behalf of the reviewer. This way, we jointly support the “Donate trees for spectacled bears” campaign by the GEO protects the rainforest e.V.

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We recommend that you place the Qi device as centrally as possible. That way you cover the whole house or apartment with the active field. Make sure that you place the device at least 50 centimetres from all electrical devices and sockets. Only this makes the complete build-up of the active field of action possible. Likewise, the Qi device should have 30 centimetres of space above it, away from the ceiling or furniture.

Wear the Qi-Mobile and the Qi-Shield as close to your body as possible. The backpack, the jacket pocket or the center console of the car are particularly suitable for this. In addition, our products work independently. In the respective field of activity of your Qi device, both you and all other living beings can be protected from the consequences of electromagnetic radiation. Our studies show this.

With the Qi-Home Cell, it usually takes 12 hours to fully build up the field of action. The Qi-Max takes 24 hours. Qi-Shield and Qi-Mobile only need about 1 minute.

The service life of the Qi-Mobile and Qi-Shield is approx. 5 years, that of the Qi-Home Cell and Qi-Max approx. 8 years. If you have the feeling that your Qi device is no longer working optimally, contact us. We then check the effectiveness and, if necessary, regenerate it free of charge!

We test the effectiveness of our devices by measuring the field strengths. For this we use special measuring equipment and a radiation-free room. If you are unsure whether your Qi product will work, you can send it in. Then we will test it for you. All of the devices we send are in perfect working order.

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